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Win: A Happy Well Being Life gratitude journal!

To celebrate the launch of her debut gratitude journal Happy Well Being Life, Caroline S. Asante is giving Velvet readers the chance to win a copy!

In her latest column, Velvet’s contributing sustainability editor Caroline S. Asante shares her process to maintaining a positive mindset and how this has led to writing her first gratitude journal guidebook - Happy Well Being Life. Read on for your chance to win a copy. . .

Stay focused on the positive aspects of your life and find reasons to be grateful for even the smallest of achievements. There is tremendous momentum in society now to highlight the negative. As you seek to regain a sense of wellbeing in a post-pandemic world, be conscious of what you want to manifest in your life and only focus on that.

Gratitude is a powerful positive manifestor. The energy of being grateful - starting wherever you are, in whatever circumstance you find yourself - can give you an uplifting mood boost and will attract by its vibration. With that mindset, joyful circumstances and people are attracted into your life.

Keeping a daily journal is a way to stay focused on the positive aspects of your life and to find reasons to be grateful for even the smallest of achievements. I write about this, and the importance of journal writing, in my first publication Happy Well Being Life - a daily gratitude journal for manifesting joy and abundance.

I first began keeping a journal during the second lockdown in 2020, as I sought a way to soothe the constant conflicting chaos of circumstances the pandemic delivered. It started as bulleted points in a blank notebook, made up of simple things I deliberately made myself consciously aware of and grateful for that made me smile: sunshine streaming into my kitchen, morning coffee, my son’s smile, hugging my favourite tree in the woods nearby (even when people were looking - it made other people smile too).

As you begin to focus on things that make you happy - which is what gratitude is - and disengage with things that don’t, it’s like a power-magnet for other happy people, experiences and situations to find you. Everything becomes easier the moment you decide to give your thoughts and energy to things you want to have happen, and move away from focusing on what you don’t.

It is important to understand that you create the reality you live and you can start from wherever you are right now. Through daily gratitude journal writing, you unlearn behavioural habits of complaining and focusing on fear-based living.

The Happy Well Being Life journal provides an easy structure to practise daily gratitude writing which can assist in finding meaning in life, help build self-confidence and raise your vibration to stay within a positive mindset.

There is tremendous energy and focus in society now on the negative. As you seek to regain a sense of well-being in a post pandemic try to move away from the endless stream of bad news. Here are five ways to help you vibrate to a positive mindset and focus on what you do want.

1. Do yourself a favour and switch off listening to repeated daily news which encourages and is designed to fuel fear-based thinking.

2. Begin your day with self-care. Meditation is the best way to clear out negative mind and emotional debris.

3. Reset your energy with nature and hug a tree. Sounds funny unless you’ve done it and if you’ve done it you know what I mean. Trees are conductors of positive energy that benefit us on many levels of our being.

4. Feed your mind and thoughts with things that make you happy and bring you joy, no matter how small.

5. Start a daily journal of gratitude. Begin now. Grab a copy of the Happy Well Being Life journal. The practice of daily journal writing encourages self-discovery, creates a positive way to boost self-esteem, reduces stress and helps you gain self-confidence.


To celebrate the launch of her debut gratitude journal, Happy Well Being Life, Caroline is giving Velvet readers the chance to win a copy! To enter the draw, simply click HERE and complete the online form. One entry per person. The competition will close to entries at midnight on March 27 2022 and the usual Ts and Cs apply. One winner to be selected randomly.

About Caroline

Caroline S. Asante MSc FRSA is the founder and editor of blog sustainabledivamag.com and is working on her second journal guide to be published in the spring. Happy Well Being Life Gratitude Journal is a print on-demand publication, retaining a sustainable printing process, and is available to purchase now on Amazon.

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