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Art: Meet eight Cambridge Open Studios artists

More than 300 artists – from painters and potters to jewellers and sculptors – are set to showcase their work this month at Cambridge Open Studios. Louise Cummings shines a light on eight talented participants

Artist: Peter Corr

Peter Corr (47709252)
Peter Corr (47709252)

Specialism: Dynamic abstract paintings

About: Peter has lived in many countries, and these places feature in his paintings and photography, from the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean to the warm ochre of the Persian Gulf. He says: “For me, the magic and power of art lie in the alchemy of materials, memory, feeling, and awareness. Painting absorbs the self and it can be blissful; when you get it right. . . when all the elements align.”

Where: 35 Teasel Drive, Ely, CB6 3WJ

When: Weekends 1 and 2

More at: petercorr.com

Artist: Alice Thomson

Alice Thomson (47709219)
Alice Thomson (47709219)

Specialism: Painting / Mixed media

About: Alice, who has a degree in illustration, works from her home studio in Girton, where she specialises in mixed media landscapes, cityscapes and still life. She works in a combination of collage, ink, printing, crayons, paints, sticks and pencils to add layers of interest. Her hometown of Cambridge is often Alice’s inspiration, in particular its quaint streets.

Where: 4 Bandon Road, Girton, CB3 0LU

When: Every weekend in July

More at: alicethomson.co.uk

Artist: Matthew Dando

Matthew Dando (47709229)
Matthew Dando (47709229)

Specialism: Sculpture

About: An infant school teacher, who lives and works in Histon, Matthew finds that art helps to provide a good life balance. Originally painting large oil abstracts, he stumbled into wood carving three years ago. A self-taught artist, Matthew loves the discovery elements involved in the development of a piece of art. He is influenced by the flow of natural forms, particularly movement, which he links to emotions and places in his life.

Where: 16 Aingers Road, Histon, CB24 9JP

When: Weekends 1 and 2

More at: mattdando.com

Artist: Linda Duclaud-Williams

Linda Duclaud-Williams (47709225)
Linda Duclaud-Williams (47709225)

Specialism: Ceramics and sculptures

About: Linda hand builds using a variety of techniques from slab, to pinching and coil construction. She individually crafts and paints each item by hand, meaning every ceramic piece is unique. Linda’s creations display an emotional connection to nature – and the challenges presented by the pandemic have led to a poignant expression in clay. “I love to surprise and delight, capturing the character of the subject” explains Linda.

Where: 16 Priest Lane, Willingham, CB24 5HZ

When: Every weekend in July (call 07752188423 for an appointment)

More at: crazyclayceramics.co.uk

Artist: Jackie Duckworth

Jackie Duckworth (47709223)
Jackie Duckworth (47709223)

Specialism: Printmaking and textiles

About: Jackie’s first career was in genetics, but in 2006 she switched her allegiance to art, studying Illustration at ARU. She is now a printmaker, illustrator and textile artist working from her home just outside Cambridge. History and legend are favourite themes in her printmaking, using striking compositions and a limited palette to tell their stories. She has been a member of Cambridge Open Studios since 2015, and has exhibited across the UK, in Dublin and Helsinki.

Where: 14 Home End, Fulbourn, CB21 5BS

When: Weekends 2 and 3

More at: jackieduckworthart.co.uk

Artist: Terry Chance

Terry Chance (47709260)
Terry Chance (47709260)

Specialism: Stained glass, mosaics, wire and glass

About: Having made patchwork and mosaics for many years, Terry found working with glass gave her more scope for expression. She utilises two techniques – mosaics for jewellery and the stained glass copper foil technique for glass art. “Each method allows my creativity to run wild as I play with shape and colour, using wire, charms, beads and Millefiori to add a touch of playfulness and humour,” she explains. This year Terry will sell handcrafted pieces of glass art, from quirky birds to cute woodland animals, whimsical wall art, seaside scenes, suncatchers and mosaic jewellery.

Where: 66 Glisson Road, Cambridge CB1 2HF

When: Weekends 1 and 2

More at: terrychancemosaicsetc.com

Artist: Sasha Garrett

Sasha Garrett (47709256)
Sasha Garrett (47709256)

Specialism: Jewellery (sterling silver, copper, fordite)

About: Characterised by a love of colour and pattern, Sasha has been making vibrant silver jewellery in Cambridge since 2014. Starting out mainly using semi-precious stones, she has expanded her range to include a variety of unusual recycled materials. Previous visitors may be familiar with Fordite (cured car paint) and Bowlerite (recycled bowling balls) and these have now been joined by Surfite (waste resin from surfboard workshops), all of which Sasha cuts herself to bring out their beauty.

Where: 4, Fanshawe Road, Cambridge, CB1 3 QY

When: Every weekend in July

More at: folksy.com/shops/SashaGarrett

Artist: Clare Millen

Clare Millen (47709221)
Clare Millen (47709221)

Specialism: Painting

About: “My paintings are an expression of the joy I feel when I connect with landscape,” says Clare, who loves to explore wild and natural places, near and far – walking, sketching, and taking photos to act as a starting point for her art. Clare’s paintings are always semi-abstract as she likes to respond to different memories simultaneously, giving her the freedom to explore colour and surface through emotion and intuition. Clare works from a studio in the picturesque riverside village of Hemingford Grey, and teaches / lectures in Cambridge.

Where: Darwin Room at The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge

When: Weekends 1 and 3

More at: instagram.com/claremillenart

Find a full list of participating artists – and download the e-guide and 2021 app at camopenstudios.co.uk

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