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AD: 5 things to remember before going for MOT Test

If your MOT is coming up some time in the next few months, you might be starting to get nervous about it. Here are five things to remember before your MOT test: getting these steps right can make your MOT test go painlessly. Further, you will be able to avoid hefty fines in case you are driving without a proper MOT certificate in UK areas like London or even Scotland.

Get Your Timing Right

While during the recent COVID pandemic, the driving authority allowed a six month pass on MOT testing – mainly because all the non-essential services were curtailed – this was a one-off unusual occurrence. There is no regular grace period on getting your MOT: there is something of an urban legend that you can be up to two weeks past your MOT's due date before you will be penalized. This is not at all true: you can be penalized the moment your MOT certificate expires. However, you can get your MOT done in the month preceding your test without losing your anniversary date – which is plenty of time to book your car in without worrying about either losing the date or missing the deadline.

Five top MOT tips (57451972)
Five top MOT tips (57451972)

Keep it Clean

Get into the habit of keeping your car clean, inside and out. Not only does a decluttered car weigh less – and thereby put less demand on the vehicle and your fuel – but it is easier for you to enjoy good all-round visibility too. Add to this the fact that your inspect is quite within his or her rights to refuse to MOT your car if it is so cluttered that they think it represents a hazard to their health or safety, and keeping your car clean and tidy just seems sensible!

Five top MOT tips (57451906)
Five top MOT tips (57451906)

Inflation is Important

Modern tyres are designed to work at a very precise level of inflation. So important is the inflation level to the operation of the tyres that it has been included in the MOT test: your tyres must all be inflated to within the recommended range at the time of the test. Check your tyres once a month or so to make sure you are always giving your tyres their best chance of keeping you safe on the roads – and, coincidentally, ensure that this item on the checklist will be ticked off immediately!

Team MOT with a Service

Many garages offer a linked service and MOT combination during which time they will service the car, looking out for potential MOT fails and fixing those that are easily done (or alerting you to their existence if they might be out of your price range or especially unexpected). For many drivers this is an ideal offer, teaming a major annual service with the MOT, and sometimes getting the MOT for a vastly reduced price. Moreover, you can book your MOT at Fife Autocentre and call them on 01333 421500 today to check out the options they have available.

Five top MOT tips (57451978)
Five top MOT tips (57451978)

Know the Price

Finally, know how much you can legally be charged for your MOT. The price is set for the whole country and is currently £54.85. You may be able to find an MOT for less than this amount, but any attempt to charge more than this sum is illegal and you should refuse to pay, and raise the issue with the DVLA. Do note, however, this does not include any repairs or fixes that your car might need. If you have told the mechanic to go ahead and make sure your car passes the test, you are liable to pay for any spares that were used, any specialist fees that the mechanic needed to use, and for the mechanic's labour in performing the work. It is only the test that is covered under the MOT fee: not any work that is required to earn a certificate.

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