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Living the dream - Part 2


Passionate about the planet, Lucy Pettitt, 31, runs an organic and ethical hair salon at Newmarket’s Wellbeing Warehouse, where clients can enjoy an indulgent, one-to-one experience

“I’ve always been aware of the environmental impacts caused by the beauty industry, and more and more clients were expressing their concerns about using products containing chemicals. So with this, a change had to happen, it was just a matter of taking the plunge, which I did in April 2019, when I launched Lucy’s Organic Natural Styling.

Prior to that I trained at Stephen John in Bury, then moved into mobile hairdressing for five years, which I really loved because I enjoy the one-to-one. I built up some amazing clients; when you’re in a person’s home regularly, they become more like a friend.

After a while, I felt I’d outgrown the mobile business. I knew I wanted to get my own space and create a more ethical environment, and my clients have really embraced the salon, and the opportunity to be pampered away from home!

The Wellbeing Warehouse is the perfect location, with a friendly and relaxed vibe. From the minute you walk in, it’s bright and airy, fresh and clean, with wonderful classes going on such as aerial yoga, barre, ballet and Pilates. There’s also physiotherapists, homeopathy and complementary massage available and more.

Within the salon, all the products I use are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The colours are by Danish company Natulique, and are completely natural and certified organic. Natulique’s ethical stance appealed to me as they’re involved in charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness and The Humane Society and their packaging is made from recycled pulp. The styling products I use are Maria Nila, a Swedish company, who are 100 per cent vegan, climate friendly and cruelty free. Maria Nila are involved in an organisation called Taking Roots, which replants trees in poorer parts of the world.

It took me a long time to find the right products but I wanted to make sure they worked with the ethos of the salon. The clients absolutely love them and say they really notice the difference in their hair. The colour result is a lot softer and more natural, yet I am still able to achieve all desired looks.

I use eco-friendly biodegradable towels, which can be put into any bin and will break down. They’re hygienic and save on washing. I’ve also started offering refills so you can bring in any bottle and refill your shampoos and conditioners, plus you get 20 per cent off the price, to help reduce the amount of plastic in the world.

The salon offers a very unique service as it’s so private; a total one-to-one appointment system so no-one has to be left unattended. I wanted to create a comfortable and welcoming space for my clients, avoiding the norm of the busy and sometimes uncomfortable salon vibe. I have a little dog who comes in with me - she’s a Yorkie called Rosie - and everyone absolutely loves her. I find having her here makes people walk in and instantly relax!

What’s so rewarding about my job is seeing someone come in to the salon who might be feeling a bit down, do their hair and make them feel amazing, then watch them walk out and they look like a new person; I love making people feel good.

One of my specialities is bridal hair. I do the trial at the salon, then travel to the bride on their wedding day. I love styling wedding hair; I feel quite privileged to be involved in such a special day!

I’m so pleased I went down the organic salon route; I absolutely love it. I feel like I’ve found myself – and clients seem genuinely excited about it. It’s making everybody think a bit more about the environment, which is so important.”

Find out more about Lucy’s work at lucyorganicstyling.com

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