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Family: Ideas for little isolators

Crafts are all well and good, but crucially what can the children play without you? Emily Martin finds nine ways to amuse little isolators so you can have a rest


We’re on the planet for the most fascinating time, globally, in living memory. Get the kids to scribble down a few thoughts every day and it’ll make for highly interesting reading when they’re telling their grandchildren about all this.

Green Fingers

Can we take a moment to be thankful that at least this hasn’t happened in the grey months? This year we’ll notice our gardens and parks burst into season more than ever. Get extra trowels, some seeds and prepare for a gorgeous summer.

And Lunge

You know how you’ve never got time to exercise because the kids stop you getting to the gym? How can it be that we’ve only just considered incorporating the kids into the exercises? See you every weekday, 9am. Joe Wicks has actually saved our lives.

Paint the Bath

If you dread getting the paints out because, what a mess, have you considered putting them in the empty BATH with their paints? I’m not calling it a cage but it’s up to you. Fun for them and totally rinsable.

Square Eyes

It’s OK. It’s really OK. No, listen. . . it’s OK. Frozen 2 has appeared on Prime. Elsa and Ana have got this. Put the TV on. Make a cup of tea. Sit down. It’s OK.


It’s daunting suddenly being a primary school teacher, but you can give your kids more attention at home school than they could ever get at real school. Fact. Get their reading levels up quick and silent reading in their rooms could be only weeks away.

Have a Spritz

Get a spray bottle, you know the ones that you can spritz plants with? Trust me, the kids go crazy over them. They play with them in the bath, have water-fights in the garden, you can even give them a cloth and they’ll actually clean things for you. I’m telling you, one each per kid and it’s the best £2 you’ll spend this summer.

Get to Work

Now that everyone is home all the time, the house is getting messed up a lot more, and worse. So make chores part of your kid’s day plan. They aren’t great at bleaching the bath to be fair, but you can definitely get them to make their own beds and fold things. Take a load off.

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