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The Inside Story: Top decor trends for Christmas

“This year more than ever, it’s important to create a joyful, uplifting space that inspires feelings of warmth and togetherness.” Georgina Robertson, founder of Cambridge’s COCO Interior Design, spotlights five of this year’s most festive decor trends

Across the country, people are starting their prep for Christmas. After a difficult 2020, this year more than ever, it’s important to create a joyful, uplifting space that inspires feelings of warmth and togetherness.

Throughout the year, designers have been looking closer to home for all the seasonal trends and Christmas is no different. So, in my final column for 2021, I’ve picked out the best interior decorating trends to delight and enrich your home over the festive season.

Silver Bells

Silver Bells (52828802)
Silver Bells (52828802)

Silver is taking centre stage as the colour of the year. With its muted, cool tone, it is the perfect shade to bring the snowy highlands into your home.

If your style is modern and pared-back, the silver trend is definitely one for you. Use Scandinavia-inspired decorations and combine the silver with neutrals and white to create a beautifully simplistic but impactful scheme.

We do expect to still see muted golds to feed through into designs this year too – adding warmth, depth, and contrast against the leading silver tones.

Trees of Green

Trees of Green (52828805)
Trees of Green (52828805)

The traditional Nordmann Fir Christmas tree will still be hugely popular this year across the country. With an even shape and beautifully sparse branches, it’s still the perfect tree to hang decorations on. Having graced British homes for decades, it will give your home an authentic, nostalgic feel.

If you are going for an artificial tree, asymmetrical, sparse trees are growing in popularity. As with a real tree, it shouldn’t be symmetrical if you want it to look and feel more authentic.

Into the Woods

Into the Woods (52828795)
Into the Woods (52828795)

Woodland-inspired interiors have been trending throughout 2021. Deep forest-glade shades are at the heart of the look; to bring the palette alive, pair them with emerald greens, muted golds and textured velvets.

If you have a more traditional home or a cosy cottage, this is the trend for you this Christmas. Don’t forget to carry your theme through the entire house and make the tablescape a focal point for your Christmas Day dinner.

Snow Day

Snow Day (52828804)
Snow Day (52828804)

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas – unlikely to be a reality in the UK – this is your chance to bring the outside in and create your own snowy haven in your home.

You’ll need to focus on adding depth and texture to make this trend opulent. Combine crisp white decorations with textured cream and white accessories and soft furnishings.

To add to this sumptuous theme, include capiz shells – a huge trend throughout this year. Thanks to their pearl-like shimmer, they are a beautiful addition to an all-white Christmas.

Skirting Around

Skirting Around (52830106)
Skirting Around (52830106)

In 2020, we saw an uplift in homes using a skirt or tree collar to finish off their tree. Both options allow you to cover up the base of your tree so it looks elegant in the early days before the presents arrive but also after Christmas Day has finished. It also allows you to continue whichever theme you chose right from the star on the top to the very bottom of your tree.

Meet the Designer

Georgina Robertson is an experienced designer and founder of COCO Interior Design. Her grandma was a seamstress and, inspired by fabrics, colour and the concept of design creation from a young age, Georgina worked extensively with furnishing fabrics growing up, learning bespoke curtain making and design. With an extensive career in marketing, Georgina decided to pursue her passion and talent for interior design into creating sophisticated, luxury interiors - and so COCO Interior Design was born. See cocointeriordesign.co.uk for more.

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