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Interiors: Top tips for finding your design style

Whether you want to design a whole house or revamp a single room, these tips will help you find your personal interiors style

Discovering your unique interior design style can be a thrilling journey, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your personality and preferences. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to redefine your current living space, these top tips will guide you through uncovering your perfect interior design style.

Reflect on Your Personal Tastes
The first step in identifying your interior design style is to take a moment to reflect on what you are naturally drawn to. Think about your wardrobe, your favourite holiday destinations, and the types of
restaurants and cafes you enjoy frequenting. These preferences can offer insights into the colours, textures, and overall aesthetic that you might want to incorporate into your home.

An inspiration board can be an invaluable tool
An inspiration board can be an invaluable tool

Create an Inspiration Board
An inspiration board can be an invaluable tool in your design journey. Collect images from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sources that speak to you. Don’t limit yourself at this stage; the goal is to gather a wide range of visuals. Over time, you’ll start to see patterns emerging in the colours, designs, and styles you’ve selected. These patterns are clues to your inherent design style.

Research design styles such as mid-century modern
Research design styles such as mid-century modern

Understand Different Design Styles
Gaining a basic understanding of different interior design styles can help you articulate what you’re drawn to. From the clean lines of modern design to the ornate details of traditional interiors, there’s a vast spectrum to explore. Research styles such as Scandinavian styling, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Bohemian, and Minimalist to see which elements resonate with you.

For more modern spaces, consider minimalist styling
For more modern spaces, consider minimalist styling

Consider Your Lifestyle
Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in shaping your interior design style. You might lean towards a more practical and durable design if you have a busy family life. Conversely, if you love hosting dinner parties, a formal dining room with sophisticated decor might be a priority. For more modern, clean spaces consider minimalist styling. This could include features such as neutral-toned paints, clear light switches and sockets, reduced ornaments, and simple patterns for fabrics. Think about how each room will be used, and let your daily activities guide your design choices.

Mix and Match
Remember, your interior design style doesn’t have to fit neatly into one category. Many beautiful spaces are created by blending elements from different styles to achieve a look that’s both unique and personal. Don’t be afraid to mix vintage pieces with modern accents or combine rustic elements with sleek, contemporary finishes. The key is to maintain a cohesive feel by linking different elements through colour, texture, or shape. Consider what styles reflect your personality, and don’t be afraid to break the usual design rules to help create a space that you feel at home in.

Colour can make a real difference to the mood of a room
Colour can make a real difference to the mood of a room

Use Colour Wisely
Colour can significantly influence the mood and atmosphere of a room. Consider the ambience you want to create in each space. Do you prefer a calm, relaxing bedroom with soft, muted tones, or a vibrant living room that energises and inspires? Use your colour scheme to reinforce your design style, whether it’s through bold wall colours, accent pieces, or textiles. Using paint samples before committing to a colour can help you find the right colours and tones to suit the space you’re painting and how it reacts to aspects in the room, such as lighting.

Velvet cushions and a plush rug add a luxurious feel
Velvet cushions and a plush rug add a luxurious feel

Experiment with Textures and Patterns
Textures and patterns add depth and interest to a room. Experiment with different combinations to see what appeals to you. For instance, a mix of velvet cushions, a stylish rug, and sleek metal finishes can add a luxurious feel to a living room. Similarly, incorporating geometric patterns or botanical prints can bring dynamism and personality to your space.

The most stylish interior is one where you can live comfortably
The most stylish interior is one where you can live comfortably

Prioritise Comfort and Functionality
While aesthetics are important, your home should also be a comfortable and functional space that meets your needs. Ensure that furniture arrangements promote easy movement and that each room serves its intended purpose efficiently. Remember, the most stylish interior is one where you can live comfortably and happily.

Seek Professional Guidance
If you’re struggling to define your interior design style, consider seeking the advice of a professional interior designer. They can offer a fresh perspective, suggest ideas you might not have considered, and help you navigate the vast world of design options. Even a single consultation can provide clarity and direction for your project.

Trust Your Instincts
Finally, trust your instincts. Your home is your personal sanctuary, and it should reflect who you are. If you love a particular piece or style, find ways to incorporate it into your design, even if it doesn’t strictly adhere to the ‘rules’. Your comfort and happiness in your home are paramount.

Finding your interior design style is a personal journey that should be enjoyable and exciting. You can create a space that feels uniquely yours by exploring different elements, experimenting with combinations, and staying true to your preferences. Remember, the perfect interior design style is one that brings you joy and comfort every day.

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