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Interiors: Cambridge brand brings French chic home

Born in lockdown from the founder's lifelong love of decor, Little French Corner offers an artful mix of vintage, country and contemporary style

From loving to lay the dining table as a little girl, arranging linens, cutlery and candles in an artful way, to soaking up interior design styles across the world as an adult, living in Singapore as well as her native France and the UK, Anne had always dreamed of running her own home decor brand. The pandemic spurred her to make that dream a reality this year - and so LittleFrenchCorner, her e-commerce enterprise, was born.

“Because of a change in my career and the challenge of the pandemic, I felt the time was right to start a new business in the field I enjoy the most, home decor,” explains Anne, who has a background in business administration, retail and customer service.

Promising “a little piece of France for your home at an affordable price”, as the company’s name suggests, all Anne’s stock hails from across the Channel. She offers three lines - vintage, country-style and contemporary - which are designed to mix and match.

“French style is timeless, yet it evolves with the modern world,” says Anne, explaining that French interiors combine the best of both past and present. “Vintage, country style and contemporary can mix well. I love mixing modern and old styles; it makes a cosy atmosphere.”

The French style also combines elegance with comfort, she adds: “The past 20 years has seen a kind of revolution in terms of home decor, making a cosy home into the centre of people’s lifestyles. Now we think practical, useful and eco-friendly as well as aesthetic.”

Sourcing vintage pieces and some of her country-style stock from flea markets, antique shops, private houses and local designers, Anne’s contemporary collection comes “from France only. Historically, French brands are founded and owned by French people to keep the design authentic and very French”.

Giving vintage pieces a new life and sourcing eco-friendly contemporary stock wherever possible, Anne is planet-conscious when buying. “The dominant trend at the moment is to feel your home is part of you; that it expresses your style and personality," she concludes. "For me, that’s about matching colours or picking one colour - both beige and white are trending - to lead your decor scheme, then adding a few vintage objects and some warm wood furniture to make your home cosy and welcoming. But home decor is so wide-ranging and so personal - it really does come down to the individual. That’s the beauty of LittleFrenchCorner: it helps you mix different styles to make the right atmosphere for you.”

Email info@littlefrenchcorner.com and see littlefrenchcorner.com , live from October 31, for more information.

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