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Inspiration: Local florists bring in the spring

This year more than ever, spring’s arrival is cause to celebrate. Six of our favourite local florists show us how to bring the beauty of the outdoors in

Lucy Hill, Gin House Flowers, Histon

“We don’t think wreaths should be saved for Christmas. Full of spring beauties, including ranunculus, tulips, scented freesia, muscari, hellebores, pussy willow and our favourite sweet peas, this wreath embodies the hope that spring represents. After the last 12 months, we all need that ray of hope and promise of brighter days to come - and we really love that flowers have the ability to convey that.”

11 High Street, Histon CB24 9JD



Bridget Davidson, Wild Rosamund, Cambridge

“April is tree blossom time when, for a few weeks, bare branches are covered in fluffy blooms. Because it’s so fleeting, I never have time to get bored of it, making it my favourite time of year.

“I made this design in chicken wire in a vintage urn using foraged tree blossom, with a simple bunch of supermarket daffs for focal flowers. I love the contrast of the red crab apple blossom and the acid lime green of the sycamore blossom, finished off with the pretty star shapes of the daffodils.”



Bridget Kovacs, Larkspur Floral Design, Cambridge

Larkspur - Spring Tulip Nest (44953398)
Larkspur - Spring Tulip Nest (44953398)

“My tulip nest was inspired by thoughts of Easter baskets and the cycle of new life that spring announces! People really embraced wreaths last year and went wild for them as signs of hope in our recently enclosed world, even leaving them on their doors weeks after Christmas.

“In my work baskets I had left over flexible birch twigs, willow and grapevine, so I repurposed these materials to create a woven nest filled with vibrant spring tulips and finished with textures of ivy leaves and berries. Adding a pillar candle in the centre can bring warmth and light to your table for spring evenings.”



Clare Cook, The Flower Project, Cambridge

“I love bringing spring into my home in different ways and creating a kokedama hanging garden is one of my favourite things to do. Kokedama is a Japanese term and translates to ‘moss ball’. The plants are rooted in soil, wrapped in a layer of natural moss and bound by garden thread, forming an eco-friendly, natural, living planter.

“I really enjoy the process of making kokedamas. They are easy to make, you get your hands dirty, you create something beautiful and they’re low maintenance, too; also you can use a variety of different plants with this technique. We’ll be running workshops this year in the shop for anyone who would like to have a go.”

160 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3LP



Rebecca Christie, Flowers Made With Love, Newmarket

Flowers Made With Love - Pastel Bouquet (44953394)
Flowers Made With Love - Pastel Bouquet (44953394)

“This bouquet sums up the beauty of spring for me, on so many levels. It looks like a pastel cloud, or an ice cream sundae melting into itself. It’s gentle, soft and makes you feel relaxed; it’s a bouquet to let you know things are getting better.

“With blossoms and buds unfurling in the hedgerows and fields filling with lambs and foals, spring has sprung and I don’t think it’s been looked forward to more any other year than this.”

8 Sun Lane, Newmarket CB8 8EW



Carrie Burgess, Rose & Thorns, Ely

Rose & Thorns - Pussy Willow Wreath (44953399)
Rose & Thorns - Pussy Willow Wreath (44953399)

“Nothing says spring to us like pussy willow. Added to a vase of flowers or on their own, these stems make the perfect spring statement inside any home. One of our favourite things to do with pussy willow is to weave it into circular wreaths for the front door or for the middle of the table with a candle in the centre.

“These wreaths are super easy to make and totally eco-friendly, as they’re made entirely from natural products. Simply twist and braid some long thin willow stems into a circular shape to create the base of the wreath, then weave the pussy willow into the willow to add the finishing touch.”

Rose & Thorns has a regular stall at Ely Markets



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