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Inside Story: Putting the tree up? Be inspired by these decor trends

Inspired by everything from the natural world to Christmases past, this year’s key festive decor themes all have one thing in common: they fill the house with cosiness, writes Cambridge interior designer Georgina Robertson

It’s that time again - to put the tree up and get decorating - but what are the top interior decor trends everyone is talking about for Christmas 2023?
Inspired by the great outdoors with over-the-top foliage, glass and heart-warming colour palettes, this year it’s all about classic and timeless decorations oozing elegance and comfort. . .

The Glass House CREDIT Sophie Allport
The Glass House CREDIT Sophie Allport

The Glass House
Glass is a fascinating material that as interior designers we use for many different reasons in a scheme. Glass has the most amazing ability to effortlessly transfer light and make things seem bigger and brighter than they might be.
This Christmas decor trend is embracing the transparency of glass to provide a weightless contrast to the heaviness of an object, a tree for example. Try mixing in some glass ornaments or baubles to your tree decor but also think about adding glass throughout your scheme, whether that’s candlesticks on the table or a bowl on the coffee table accessorised with glass baubles as a centrepiece.

Winter Whites CREDIT Ivyline
Winter Whites CREDIT Ivyline

Winter Whites
We always see a version of a snow-white and Scandinavian-inspired trend for Christmas. It’s timeless and can work in a variety of homes. This trend incorporates lots of natural materials such as wooden ornaments and decorations mixed with foliage.
Dominated by whites and neutral tones, adding foliage to a mantel or as a centrepiece on the Christmas table scattered with warm fairy lights and candles can make the spaces more inviting.

Regal Classics CREDIT Hattie Lloyd Home
Regal Classics CREDIT Hattie Lloyd Home

Regal Classics
Christmas trends that fall more in the traditional design style category are often overlooked as being too old-fashioned. Approached in the right way, this trend can really come to life.
Good for anyone with children or a family, using animals such as lions and elephants as regal emblems adorned with rich royal blues, reds and forest greens can be exceptionally powerful.
Add in lots of gold decorations and foliage for a theatrical, over-the-top vibe that oozes regency and elegance. This trend would lend itself well to a country style home or period property.

Warm and Cosy CREDIT B&Q
Warm and Cosy CREDIT B&Q

Warm and Cosy
Warmer colours such as blush pinks and sage greens can add a sense of cosiness to your Christmas decor when combined with the more traditional colours that you might already use year on year, such as gold, silver, bronze and jewel tones. These colours add a contrast to the chilly temperatures outdoors.

Meet the Designer
Georgina is the founder of Cambridge’s Georgina Robertson Interiors. With her grandma a seamstress, she was inspired by fabrics, colour and the concept of design creation from a young age. Growing up, she worked extensively with furnishing fabrics, learning bespoke curtain making and design. With an extensive career in marketing, Georgina then decided to pursue her passion and talent for interior design into creating sophisticated, luxury interiors.
Find out more at georginarobertsoninteriors.com

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