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Inside Story: Decorate with nature this spring

“Creating this visual rhythm that we experience in nature – especially during spring – can change the way you experience your home.” To celebrate the arrival of a new season, Georgina Robertson, founder of Cambridge’s COCO Interior Design, shows us how following nature’s patterns can produce a singularly calming space

Wherever you are in the world, nature will always ebb and flow with the seasons making it a wonderful source of inspiration for interiors. Heading into spring in the UK means we’re welcoming more daylight, blossoming flowers and greenery emerging from a cold, blustery winter. The awakening of spring brings new smells, fresh colour palettes and an abundance of texture.

Nature and the seasons are a great place to start whenever we are in doubt or in need of inspiration. Below I’ve included a few ideas on how to be inspired by the natural world this spring.

Harmonious Colour Palettes

Curate a harmonious colour scheme (55171250)
Curate a harmonious colour scheme (55171250)

Nature creates colour combinations that are intuitively appealing to the human eye. If you struggle to know what colours work well together, naturally occurring colour combinations from the great outdoors is a great place to start.

In spring, we see bright green hues, purple tones of lavender, blush pinks of blossoms and powder blue skies against the natural wood tones of bark. Keep your eyes open for a spring scene that you find particularly appealing – maybe on your daily walk or weekend visit to the Norfolk coast – take a photo of it and then use it for your inspiration in your home.

Decorate With Nature, Embrace Imperfection

Decorate with nature (55171251)
Decorate with nature (55171251)

We often try to make our homes look too polished – almost as though they haven’t been lived in - but if we want to embrace nature in our homes, perfection is never possible as nature is never pristine.

With spring we see new life emerge, but juxtaposed against the aged and weathered remnants of winter. You can translate this inspiration into your home by mixing old with new, whether this be old and new furniture or hardware such as marble, wood and aged copper set against the light, bright colour palettes of spring.

Or you can simply source decorative pieces for your home from nature: colourful wildflowers, a bunch of daffodils and twisted branches add a unique beauty and texture to a space.

The Calming Effect

Create a calming space (55171249)
Create a calming space (55171249)

Spring also brings a calming openness back into our life that we lack during winter. Interiors inspired by nature tend to have an inherently soothing effect on the mind, but this also needs to be balanced with a clutter-free space.

When we start to see the new buds on the trees or the heads of snowdrops breaking through the soil, they are often in clusters, uniformed or cohesive in some way. This gives a sense of calm, so we want to incorporate this same feeling in our homes.

We can try to adopt expansive, open spaces and create room to breathe in our homes. With less clutter, our eyes can pause and linger on the key focal points in the room.

Consider what elements you are wanting to focus on, what do you want to bring to life? Creating this visual rhythm that we experience in nature – especially during epring – can change the way you experience your home and your interiors.

Meet the Designer

COCO Interior Design (55171513)
COCO Interior Design (55171513)

Georgina Robertson is an experienced designer and founder of COCO Interior Design. Her grandma was a seamstress and, inspired by fabrics, colour and the concept of design creation from a young age, Georgina worked extensively with furnishing fabrics growing up, learning bespoke curtain making and design. With an extensive career in marketing, Georgina decided to pursue her passion and talent for interior design into creating sophisticated, luxury interiors - and so COCO Interior Design was born. See cocointeriordesign.co.uk for more.

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