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Inside Story: Decor trends bring natural beauty in

After a year which has seen us all treasure time outdoors, prints and palettes inspired by the natural world have never been more popular. Georgina Robertson, founder of Cambridge’s COCO Interior Design, explains how to bring the beauty of the outside in

Florals and nature are not a big revelation for summer in interior design, however this summer is set to take the trend to a whole new level. We’re not only looking to a parade of mixed modern florals to add vibrancy and interest to our homes, but we’re also drawing inspiration from fields, gardens and the shorelines for colour combinations that will bring a natural harmony to your décor.

Petal Power

Petal power (48686456)
Petal power (48686456)

There is a reason why blossoms and blooms are timeless for interiors. They leave a space feeling romantic, comforting and - most importantly – restful. Inspired by abundant peonies and astonishing roses, these pretty hues can captivate the heart and mind like no other. Whether you simply draw ideas from the colours of summer buds and blooms or want to add floral inspiration to your furniture, walls, or cushions, the nature of this trend will make your home feel delicate yet fresh.

The combination of pretty posies and leafy trails marry well to create a floral-inspired scheme. Add a touch of sherbets or pastel colours to pull the florals together – you will often see candy stripes used alongside. Pink gingham, frills and tassel details will give a modern country twist.

Woodland Sway

Woodland sway (48686458)
Woodland sway (48686458)

Our love for the British countryside has only heightened this year and country-inspired décor has become the go-to style for many. From fields to forests and trees, the colour association has wellbeing attributes and a feel-good factor that adds benefits inside the home, too. Create a harmonious scheme with colours that are inspired by nature. Earthy tones paired with zingy citrus can create the most aesthetically pleasing space to relax. It will feel fresh but calming all at once.

Pull in some leaf trail wallpaper, a nature-inspired bedspread or accent chair with some buttery leather and deep forest green accents to really bring the outside in.

Warm leather upholstery sings with woody and citrus shades so don’t be afraid to mix and match. For a fresh, uplifting space, opt for green hues and bright whites paired with leafy florals to create some interest.

Coastal Influence

Coastal inspiration (48686428)
Coastal inspiration (48686428)

Many interior designers love to draw inspiration from the sea and the sky. They hold so much interest, colour, shape, and pattern that are atmospheric when pulled into a home décor.

Blue tones are inherently linked with calm and peace, but the choice of blue can dramatically impact the style of the interior. A bright cerulean blue can create a completely different feel to a muddy navy. When using blue in your home, ensure you know the vibe you are looking for before you start.

Mixing blue with blossom pink and florals will always make your room feel like a sunny day. Blue and orange sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, which is known as a

complementary pairing in any form of design. If you want to go for a beautifully refined white and blue coastal feel, add terracotta pots and accessories to subtly enhance the vibrancy of the colours. If you want to create a truly coastal feel, don’t forget the shiplap or tongue and groove panelling!

Florals, coasts, forests, and woodlands can easily be incorporated into a home décor scheme using prints and paintings or by simply changing the bedspread, throw or cushions. Play with complementary tones and textures but don’t be afraid to mix patterns to really create that feel of natural harmony in your home.

Meet the Designer

COCO Interior Design (48686513)
COCO Interior Design (48686513)

Georgina Robertson is an experienced designer and founder of COCO Interior Design. Her grandma was a seamstress and, inspired by fabrics, colour and the concept of design creation from a young age, Georgina worked extensively with furnishing fabrics growing up, learning bespoke curtain making and design. With an extensive career in marketing, Georgina decided to pursue her passion and talent for interior design into creating sophisticated, luxury interiors - and so COCO Interior Design was born. See cocointeriordesign.co.uk for more.

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