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How To: Make a dream door wreath with V V Raven

Nothing gives a warmer welcome at Christmas than a door wreath filled with natural beauty. Florist and stylist Jo Thorndike of Saffron Walden’s VV Raven shows us how to make our own, step by step

V V Raven wreath FINISHED (53238318)
V V Raven wreath FINISHED (53238318)

You will need:

V V Raven wreath YOU WILL NEED (53162690)
V V Raven wreath YOU WILL NEED (53162690)

- wire base, diameter of your choice

- reel of wire and pair of snips

- pile of moss

- blue spruce or Christmas tree foliage

- berries

- exciting winter foliage

- dried items from the garden

- Christmassy decorations (optional)

Step 1

Lay your wire base on your work surface. Choose which point will become the top of your wreath. Take your reel wire and attach it to the frame, nice and firmly. Leave a little ‘tail’ of wire free when you do this; you’ll use it to create your hanging loop at the end.

Next take a generous handful of moss and place it around your wreath base - encasing it like a doughnut - and wrap with the reel wire to secure. Work your way right around the base repeating this process, until you’ve created a complete circle of moss.

Step 2

Now take your blue spruce or Christmas tree foliage and cut the short side offshoots from each branch into a pile.

Take three pieces and position them at the top of the wreath - one on the top edge, one in the middle and one on the bottom edge - and again use your (still attached) reel wire to secure.

Take your next three pieces of spruce - positioning them just underneath the first, so their frond-tips overlap the cut stems - and wire on.

Continue this process around the whole ring, until you’re back at the top of your wreath. Twine your reel wire with the short ‘tail’ you left at the beginning, to create a nice sturdy hanging hook, and then cut your reel free.

Step 3

Take your exciting winter foliage and berries and cut them into roughly the same lengths as your spruce.

Select a piece and, holding it down low, push it firmly between the spruce stems and into your mossy base, until you can feel it is secure.

Repeating this process, arrange your foliage and berries however you wish - it’s your wreath! A good rule of thumb, though, is to balance out feature foliage and decorations in groups of three and five around the circumference.

Step 4

Keep embellishing your wreath until you are happy. Lots of items can be used: dried elements and herbs from the garden; foraged twigs, berries and cones; sticks of cinnamon.

In our version, we have taken some hydrangeas from the garden and kissed them with rose gold spray for a bit of fun. Nothing is too much: it’s your creation. The two hardest things about making a wreath are deciding what to put on it and knowing when to stop!

Jo is running a series of Christmas wreath workshops this month. Places cost £65 and full details can be found at vvraven.co.uk/workshops. Email joanna@vvraven.co.uk to book. For more style inspiration - as well as being a florist and stylist, Jo and husband Peter source and sell vintage clothing - follow @vvravenstyle on Instagram.

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