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Homes: Cambridge cousins launch fragrance brand

A shared love of scented candles inspired cousins Julie Miller and Carole Ward to start their own home fragrance brand, Miller & Ward

Sparked by their shared ambition to create luxury scented candles without the bank-breaking price tag, cousins Julie Miller and Carole Ward are the brains behind the lovely - and local - new brand Miller & Ward.

With star scents including Pear & Freesia, Rocksalt & Driftwood, Lemongrass & Ginger, Sandalwood & Black Pepper and Rosewood & Velvet, the core collection of candles, all hand-poured from natural wax in small batches, is accompanied by melts, diffusers, hand washes and lotions.

“It started after one of our many discussions over the latest luxury candle we had purchased and the detrimental effect on our bank balance! We just couldn’t let go of the idea that just maybe with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm we could produce an equally, if not better, product,” explains Julie, who lives in Willingham.

“So, after attending various workshops and over a year of testing and tantrums, we are proud to bring you a signature collection of luxury candles and diffusers as well as an aromatherapy range made with pure essential oils.”

Prices range from £4.50 for a six-pack of melts up to £19.50 for a 220g jar candle and £21.50 for a 100ml diffuser. Formulas are vegan and packaging is recyclable wherever possible.

Adds Julia: “We have also recently launched a series of candle making workshops. These are aimed at beginners and are fun, yet informative. The morning is spent making a variety of scented products, after which our guests enjoy a buffet lunch before taking home their goodies.”

To find out more, order and book workshop spots, visit millerandward.co.uk.

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