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Design: Swipe right on a Spare Boyfriend

Strong, silent, Olympic-level snuggler. . . What's not to love about the Spare Boyfriend, new to Ely design store Cow on the Ice? *swipes right*

Described as “silent types that offer a lot of (head) support”, if you want a good cuddler, you need a Spare Boyfriend.

Just arrived at Ely design store Cow on the Ice, you can choose from three types: there’s Josh, a ‘big spoon’ gym bunny who works in finance; James, a yoga-loving IT guy who’s low on personality but skilled at snuggling; and John, an artist and wannabe Instagram influencer who, still living with his mum, is super-keen to move in.

“There is a fee of £35 if you would like to swipe right on one of these blokes,” says designer Eva Starzyk. “Born and bred in the UK, they are made out of ethically sourced boyfriend material, are perfect for cuddles, and bearded options are available. . .”

Cow on the Ice is at 32a High Street, Ely, cowontheice.co.uk and @cowontheice.co.uk

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