Wellness: Find a moment of calm with Eve and Keel

Cambridge's Jennie Pinkhart discovered aromatherapy as a remedy for her own anxiety. So convinced by its healing properties, she launched a range of products to help balance, calm and reset. Lisa Millard takes a breath

Eve and Keel
Eve and Keel

When did you launch the brand Eve and Keel and why?

My interest in aromatherapy came from discovering it as a tool to help manage my own anxiety as well as a general fascination with plants and their healing properties. I trained with Neal’s Yard Remedies and have been practicing for nearly 10 years now.

I converted my garage at home into an aromatherapy studio with a space to work with clients offering aromatherapy massage and a space to create blends. After working with clients, I noticed a real need for empowering blends people could use at home to continue the effects between sessions which sparked the idea to create Eve & Keel. Since having my daughter, Audrey, I don’t have the same energy levels as before so I have pressed pause on the in-person treatments for now so I can focus my attention on Eve & Keel.

Eve and Keel bath salts
Eve and Keel bath salts

So, what is Eve and Keel all about?

Eve and Keel is an aromatherapy brand that is all about balance. The products are designed to encourage people to pay attention to the subtleties of how they are feeling and to support themselves when needing a little more of this or a little less of that in life.

Tell us about the range?

The range includes a body oil formulated to help release physical tension from stress, a balm created to support people managing anxiety and panic attacks, and a balancing bath salts blend and a mist to help calm and reset. There is also a range of seven crystal infused aromatherapy rollers that are inspired by the main energy centres of the body – the chakras.

Why aromatherapy and crystals?

I was drawn to aromatherapy because I noticed how effective it was in helping with my own mental wellbeing and as a tool to manage anxiety and panic attacks. When I set up practice and started supporting other people also struggling with stress, I was blown away with just how effective aromatherapy is. There is something quite magical about taking these super concentrated plant essences with all their unique properties and energy and blending them together for a specific purpose. It is a dream come true for my inner child who used to love making questionable smelling ‘perfumes’ from plants and flowers.

Adding crystals into the mix just felt like the natural thing to do. Crystals have always been a bit of an addiction – there is just something about them. I can’t really put it into words and for a long time I didn’t like to talk about it because I somehow felt like a bit of phoney. Over time though I have leaned into working more energetically allowing myself to incorporate crystals into my practice and blends.

What has the feedback been so far?

You can feel quite detached from the blends when they go out into the world but sometimes people send me messages saying how much a product has helped them which lifts my heart so much. Knowing the blends can support other people like they have myself is so rewarding and makes all the struggles getting to this point worth it.

Eve and Keel breathe balm
Eve and Keel breathe balm

If you were to recommend just one of your products, which would it be and why?

Good question! I think the blend I am most proud of and the one I have the most positive feedback on is Breathe Balm. It really is such a powerful tool for helping to calm and deepen fast, upper chest breathing that’s linked with anxiety and panic attacks. Using it regularly throughout the day with a five-minute breathing practice is a total game changer.

It’s a shiny New Year. Any words of wisdom or hopes for the future to share?

Something I read in the brilliant book ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert that has always stuck with me is: “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” I love this idea because it really does feel like that. That is what I hope my blends can help with. They are an invitation to connect with your inner world and more subtle energies and become familiar with what balance feels like for you.

See more at eveandkeel.co.uk and @eveandkeel.

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