Wellbeing: The power of meditation, gratitude and prioritising yourself

Velvet’s contributing wellbeing editor Caroline S. Asante shares how to stay in alignment and cultivate a positive mindset to shape your 2024 reality

Flourish in 2024: Embrace Positivity Amidst Change

Positively crafting your own reality in 2024 gives you the chance to realign your inner vibrations and outer creative purpose.

Caroline Asante
Caroline Asante

I find that entering a new year always feels like an opportunity to recalibrate my intentions on what I want to experience over what I want to have. I've come to realise it is not what you say so much but how often you say it, and auto-repeating positive and affirming ideas, which are aligned to what you really want, is the magic key.

This realisation has shifted my perspective. Rather than solely relying on wishful thinking, I've found that the frequency and consistency of affirming my thoughts significantly impact the results I then get to experience in things, people, circumstances and money. It's about consciously reinforcing positive thoughts, which naturally lead to positive results.

The truth is we do create our own reality.

The first question to ask yourself is, what do I really want to experience more of in my life?

This question makes you think of the positive aspects you wish to magnify and does not allow your subconscious mind to jump to anything negative. Clarity is extremely important and acts as a type of vibrational guiding compass, which then leads your thoughts to align precisely with your objectives, resulting in materialising an outcome. The clearer you are, the faster the results manifest.

Getting into Alignment - A positive mind yields positive results

Begin with broad ideas, then hone in on the specifics of what you wish to experience in 2024. Alignment simply means resonating and creating things, people, and circumstances that sync with your vibration and soul purpose. It's not merely about what you express but how consistently you affirm and reiterate ideas that genuinely resonate with your aspirations and desires.

And now with the term ‘manifesting’, buzzing everywhere, this simply means aligning your thoughts, desires, and actions to deliberately create your reality, not by unconscious default.

Here are 3 Strategies for Cultivating Positivity and Alignment:

1. Daily Meditation: I cannot stress enough how important meditation is. And you can do it anywhere. First thing in the morning and last thing at night is the most powerful as these are the alpha and omega states of consciousness. Find more about this at happywellbeinglife.com

Daily meditation is a powerful tool to cultivate positivity
Daily meditation is a powerful tool to cultivate positivity

2. Gratitude Practices: Each day, devote time to acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the blessings in your life. This practice is the 101 in manifesting whatever you wish for. It shifts focus from scarcity to abundance, which creates positive soul alignment energy. And that’s what you want more of, because it always feels good when you are in alignment with your inner being.

The repetition of affirmations also yields profound power, beginning with the crucial questions: what do I want to experience more of in my life?

Affirmation cards hold incredible potency; they tap into your subconscious, which influences many facets of your life. You can find further insights on this subject and discover my 2024 abundance affirmation cards on my website.

3.Prioritising Yourself: I find that taking care of my physical health is essential for maintaining a positive outlook. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest not only contribute to wellbeing but also align me energetically with my soul's purpose.

Remember, a positive mind always yields positive results. Make 2024 the year to make the life you have always wanted and the things you have always wanted to do (and have) manifest into reality.

To learn more about positive affirmations, wellbeing, and manifesting a balanced and happy life, follow Caroline on Instagram @happy_wellbeing_life where you can find further tips, insights and more about the happywellbeinglife.com platform.

Caroline S. Asante is an award-winning former BBC radio broadcaster who stands as a passionate advocate for personal growth, spiritual positivity, and holistic wellbeing. Through her platform – happywellbeinglife.com - she shares insights and practical tools on preventing burn out, together with features, articles and interviews with experts in holistic health. Her first personal growth and holistic wellbeing book, Everyone Benefits from a Happy Person, releases Spring 2024.

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