Wellbeing: Kinesiologist Antonia Beamish on how to feel aligned

If you’re feeling out of alignment, then listening to your body, inner voice and intuition can be key, says Cambridge-based kinesiology practitioner Antonia Beamish

It’s amazing what happens when you start listening to yourself. Your life becomes a more guided flow of movement, always leading you to exactly where you need to be. And, as you begin following your inner guidance, your thoughts become more cohesive, you start prioritising your life and everything just feels better, smoother and in alignment with who you truly are.

Kinesiology practitioner Antonia Beamish
Kinesiology practitioner Antonia Beamish

So, how do we reach this magical place of ebb and flow, and what is stopping us from finding this beautiful alignment within our lives?

For too long we have treated mind and body as separate, not realising that they are one and there is no separation between our thoughts, emotions and our physical body. In Kinesiology sessions I always look for the root cause of symptoms through understanding the emotional stress behind them and in most cases, when we bring light to the emotion, the symptom clears. It’s not magic, it’s our own intelligence system at work, continually guiding us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves.

A symptom is just an alarm going off in the body telling us there’s an imbalance in our lives, offering us the opportunity to start listening and tuning into ourselves; our deepest needs and our deepest pain.

When we let the emotional stress rise to the surface, instead of burying it down, numbing it or disassociating from it, we can begin to make peace and bring our healing love and attention to it. Yet, there are many ways we ignore and avoid our feelings; through mindless scrolling, binge watching TV, drinking, overeating, shopping and many other ways.

It’s only when we become aware of the unconscious behaviours we’re holding onto, to avoid feeling our emotional stress, that we can begin to change.

So, we have to start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable emotions that our bodies want us to release, and only then will we be able to flow in alignment with ourselves, free from the stagnant energy of unhealed and unreleased emotions that block us from knowing ourselves and being able to clearly hear our true voice within.

The best ways to do this are the simplest; through talking and expressing yourself, journalling, opening yourself up to new ways of communicating with yourself though movement, meditation and other deeply healing therapeutic practices that make space for you to connect with yourself.

Tips on how to achieve alignment if you're feeling off balance
Tips on how to achieve alignment if you're feeling off balance

Most of us go through life completely disconnected to our inner selves, and have no idea that there, our soul is the crucial third part of our being which speaks to us through that magical sixth sense; our intuition.

The soul is our inner well of guidance, wisdom and knowledge that always wants us to follow the path of love. For, by choosing love; love for ourselves, love for our existence and love for everything in our world, the more we flow in natural harmony with the whole.

Yet, our ego is much louder than the gentle nudges of our soul, because we so often let fear rule our lives and it’s become used to being in charge. This is completely normal, fear is very deeply rooted, but it always takes us on the darker and more painful path in life, casting a shroud around us that blocks us from seeing the good in life.

This is all we need to remember when making decisions; to choose love over fear. When we do this and follow our own intuition - our inner navigational system - we are working for our highest and greatest good, and this is where the magic comes.

From this place of harmony, love and joy, everything works for us, not against us. For when we are in tune with ourselves, we are in tune with all of life. Like there is no separation between mind and body, there is no separation between all of life. We are one beating heart and when we flow with the tide, we have the power of the entire universe at our back.

This is how we meet the magical place of ebb and flow; through listening to our bodies, opening ourselves up to our emotions and trusting our inner voice. Do these things and watch your life change.

Antonia is a systematic kinesiology practitioner based in Cambridge. Find out more at antoniabeamish.com

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