Health & Wellbeing: Taking a FRESH. approach

Friends and fitness professionals Sara Ford and Alice Loombe, both 29, have joined forces to launch FRESH. – a friendly fitness and wellbeing hub for people of all ages and abilities

FRESH. founders Alice and Sara Picture: Trish Peters
FRESH. founders Alice and Sara Picture: Trish Peters

Can you tell us a little about FRESH.?

“FRESH. is a welcoming and open space for all people regardless of age, gender or background. On offer is a wealth of activities which enhance physical and mental wellbeing, whilst building a community and support network for members. Every session is streamed via Zoom, to ensure members have live interaction with an instructor and connection with other people in class too.

These include Barre, Pilates, Flexitone, HIIT, Bounce DanceFit, plus dance classes in styles such as Jazz, Commercial, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

What are your respective career backgrounds?

Between us we have over 20 years of teaching experience within the dance and fitness industry. We share a passion to improve the health and wellbeing of every student and client we work with, and this has led to a dream of creating our own hub for all-round wellness. We have been running our own individual businesses (4D Dance and Avenue Dance Company) for 10 years combined and are an integral part of the Ely community.

How did FRESH. come about?

FRESH. has actually been in the making for a little while now, but Lockdown life just catapulted it into the present. We had been talking for the last year or so about our shared desires for creating something new for the community that was mainly dance-led. We firmly believe that we can, and WILL, change the way physical and mental health is viewed, in such a way that fitness and self-care will no longer be a luxury but a way of life for all. We highlight the importance of looking after body and mind with all clients, creating a society of people who put their own wellness at the forefront of their life choices.

You are offering some free classes aren’t you?

In addition to the standard timetable we are working hard to reach multiple underrepresented groups and charity organisations, providing free classes to people that need it most. Initially we’ve reached out to amazing, brave young carers, hardworking charity staff, inactive adults and refugee families. We are also offering a Monthly Pass (one free session a week) to anyone who has been affected financially by the current climate.

Change can do weird things to us, so more than ever we need to be looking out for our mental and physical wellbeing. We risk becoming sedentary when being told to ‘Lockdown’ and it’s important to exercise daily, from walking, cycling and running to online classes, which allow you to connect with others.

Which is the most popular class so far?

Barre tends to be a consistently popular class - this is mainly down to Alice’s great music choices and infectious grin whilst she makes your legs burn! We also run a few Commercial Dance classes which are always packed, mainly due to people loving Sara’s music video inspired choreography and slightly clumsy/sweary teaching style..!

What makes FRESH. unique?

FRESH. is unique due to the main focus being about your wellbeing rather than your fitness/body composition; we are hugely passionate about making sure you FEEL great. The friendship that we have also plays a big part. We’re quite silly and goofy which I think people enjoy - life can get too serious sometimes!

Can you tell us about member feedback so far?

It’s been really great! We’re actually blown away by the uptake and positive reviews. Here is a testimonial from a FRESH. Society Member (this is our unlimited pass) which absolutely made our week: ‘I am not sure that you realise how valuable you are during these times. While there is an infinite variety of exercise videos available on YouTube, the value of the interaction with a live instructor is beyond measure for me, so just in case no-one has told you recently, you are all doing a great job and providing a very valuable service and I thank you’ - Phil, Ely.”

How can people sign up?

Head over to to book a single class or purchase one of our class pass options for a bargain!

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