Health: Comfort eating? Help is on hand

Need some help to keep your healthy eating on track? Join a virtual Slimming World club

At a time when soaring levels of anxiety over the pandemic could easily see you raiding the fridge - using food as a comfort – help is at hand to banish bad eating habits.

Although Slimming World meetings are closed, as per government guidance, the support levels provided by weight loss consultants, to keep members on track, is still there.

Kelly Cooper, a Slimming World consultant and team developer from Bury St Edmunds, explains: “Our consultants have helped thousands of members in Bury and Stowmarket.

Slimming World's Kelly Cooper (33654371)
Slimming World's Kelly Cooper (33654371)

"We helped one member lose 12 stone, another has reduced medication for diabetes, whilst another lady lost nine stone for a hip replacement – and Slimming World has touched and saved countless lives through our great eating plan and power of group support weekly.”

Kelly admits that the enforced lockdown and subsequent closure of Slimming World group meetings left herself and members bewildered. However, consultants have been busy rebuilding that vital support network. “Piece by piece we are rebuilding our Slimming World groups so there’s the same support, care and motivation - just a different venue. Now many more people looking to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle can join any group run in their local area in our Slimming World virtual world. A world where members can continue to lose weight, create a healthier approach to cooking and learn ways to build in daily activity and exercise, even if no hugging is possible!”

If you are a current member or looking to join Slimming World, call Kelly on 07792 603204 or email for local virtual groups and times.

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