Happy Well Being Life: How to change your mindset to positivity and peace

Velvet’s contributing wellbeing editor Caroline S. Asante shares how to change your mindset and frequency from fear to one of positivity and peace

Hello May! You are the promise of summer, holidays, and the hopeful glimmers of sunshine we have ahead (at least that is my powerful affirmation out to the English weather).

Caroline S. Asante
Caroline S. Asante

Beyond our minds, we must remember that we are complex beings, influenced not just by our thoughts but also by our emotions. An overactive mind can lead to over-thinking, overshadowing the reality that our emotions are the true barometers of our wellbeing. Yet, in the hustle of daily life, our emotional selves often get sidelined, overshadowed by a constant barrage of thoughts

I want to mention here a theme that resonates deeply in the echoes of my conversations with friends and colleagues and that is fear. It's hardly surprising, given the relentless diet of fear served up by our social environments. Even for those who might not consciously acknowledge it, the act of tuning into the news frequently introduces an undercurrent of fear that seeps into our homes, infiltrates our mindsets, and shadows us into the night.

I’m currently re-reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, which offers profound wisdom and insights into the nature of fear and its relationship with our mind and consciousness.

Tolle suggests that fear is largely a product of our mind's attachment to the past and its anticipation of the future. Fear, he says, arises from our mind's tendency to not focus on the present moment; our mind, which is tied strongly to our ego, is always jumping around creating scenarios of what could go wrong based on past experiences or future uncertainties.

Changing our mindset and frequency from fear to one of positivity and peace involves a deliberate shift in how we process our thoughts and engage with the world around us.

Pink Sakura flower
Pink Sakura flower

Here are some ways to navigate this shift, focusing on practical steps and mindful practices that can move you from a fear-based mindset into a peaceful one.

1. Embrace the Present Moment

Focus on Now: Ground yourself in the present moment. This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths and observing your surroundings or how the air feels against your skin. The present is a refuge from the anxieties tied to past regrets and future worries. By anchoring your awareness in the now, you reduce the space for fear to thrive.

2. Reframe Your Narrative

Positive Reframing: Challenge and change the negative stories you tell yourself. When faced with fear or anxiety, actively seek out a silver lining or an opportunity for growth within the situation. This doesn't mean dismissing your feelings but rather adjusting the lens through which you view them.

3. Use the Power of Sound

Selective Listening: Consciously select music that uplifts you, perhaps during a lunch break, or choose calming melodies before bed to help wind down.

Implement a ‘non digital sunset’ by turning off electronic devices, especially your mobile phone, at least 45 minutes before sleep to create a restful environment.

If you’re struggling with insomnia, I recommend trying YouTube channel @healingvibrations. I write about them, the power of sound baths, the science Hertz frequencies to calm fear and aid sleep, and this month’s moon cycles at happywellbeinglife.com

Have a peaceful May!

Caroline S. Asante is a writer, humanitarian, award-winning former BBC radio broadcaster, communications specialist and passionate advocate for holistic wellbeing. She is a certified meditation teacher, a UN Women UK Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) and founder of happywellbeinglife.com - a membership platform for women’s wellness, holistic health, personal development, and burnout prevention. Follow her on Instagram @happy_wellbeing_life

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