Fitness: William Prideaux-Brune talks kettlebell workouts

It was ‘love at first swing’ when personal trainer William Prideaux-Brune discovered the mighty kettlebell. Now the owner of Cambridge Kettlebells, he reveals how he masters the moves, his go-to-workouts and energy-boosting snacks

*My Fitness Story

I have been a personal trainer for the last 11 years and have specialised in kettlebells for pretty much my entire career. My entrance into the world of kettlebells came after completing my initial personal training qualifications - and you can say it was love at first swing. I come from a ski instructing background, so during my transition into the fitness world, I was interested in finding a tool that combined skill, fun and function. For me the kettlebell fits this bill due to its portability, versatility and ability to adapt workouts for almost any goal. While I do have many other tools in my arsenal (maces, clubs and bodyweight for example), the kettlebell still remains my first love.

William Prideaux-Brune
William Prideaux-Brune

*What I do

The ethos behind Cambridge Kettlebells is to train people to mastery of the main kettlebell movements (Swings, Cleans, Squats, Presses, Snatches and Turkish Get Ups). Once learnt, I can then challenge them with interesting and fun workouts that draw on the skills they have gained. To do this I run a range of beginner courses throughout the year where people can be taught how to perform the exercises safely and correctly. This can also be done in private sessions for those who prefer that. Once the beginner training has been completed, my students then have access to a wide variety of face-to face, online and recorded classes to attend.

A class in action
A class in action

*Where we operate

I run sessions both face-to-face and over Zoom (online) for both private and group clients. For my private clients I often travel to them, but my group face-to-face classes are run from the grounds of the St John’s Innovation Centre in the north of Cambridge. For online you can connect to me from almost anywhere – I once had a client join me for a class from Ibiza!

*What I love about my job

I love the interaction with my clients, particularly the coaching element of my job. I get real satisfaction out of helping someone understand the ‘how and why’ of an exercise so they can perform it correctly and then use that knowledge to improve themselves.

Cambridge Kettlebells class
Cambridge Kettlebells class

*My go-to quick workout

I really enjoy using Maces in my workouts. They are great for upper body strength, shoulder and thoracic mobility, and they just feel good. I like to combine them with Turkish Get Ups for a good all-round strength and mobility workout.

*My favourite feel-good long workout

There is something very satisfying about working with heavy kettlebells. I have a range of heavy kettlebells that go up to 48kg. Using these heavy weights requires you to be very focused on proper form, which therefore requires a focus on proper rest between exercises.

The kettlebells
The kettlebells

*My energy-boosting food

I like to cook and am currently enjoying doing tray bakes – I especially like these as I can prep them in advance and then feed the family with lots of good vegetables and proteins.

*My indulgent treat food

I am a sucker for good pizza and a glass of wine.

*How I kick back and relax

I have two sons – so I am not sure I ever fully relax. However, I love helping coach my younger son’s rugby team and watching family movies together.

*Top tip for anyone who needs motivating to start exercising

Just start! I know this might sound a bit flippant, but the first time committing to doing anything is probably the hardest. Once you start it’s easier to carry on.

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