Fitness: Velvet's top online workouts

Just because you can’t get to the gym or your favourite class, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on those powerful endorphins. Louise Cummings tracks down some brilliant online workouts devised by local fitness professionals. . .

F45 Cambridge Station

F45 is all about ‘team training’ – and the close-knit members continue to work out ‘together’ thanks to the wonders of Zoom! The independently-run Cambridge fitness centre, which specialises in fun 45-minute sessions, is running a near-normal timetable, with three classes per day - morning, lunch and evening - featuring F45 trainers for support and guidance. Members join daily and are able to maintain their normal F45 regime. There’s also one-to-one and remote programmes with specialist trainers.

F45LIVE virtual memberships are available now - offering unlimited classes and trainer support - plus access to the new F45 home workout app.

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Ross Coaching

Ross Hanrahan is a former Royal Marines Commando and advanced personal trainer, based in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Since lockdown, he has begun offering online training and video training. Clients can benefit from one-to-one coaching, and receive the same quality that they’d get in the gym. Group training is run daily, there’s regular programme challenges and a new healthy recipe book subscription. “I've been working on how to diversify and so far clients are loving it!" says Ross.

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Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre

Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre in Chesterton, Cambridge is beaming its classes to yoga-lovers via Zoom. Clients can book classes, which take place early morning, afternoon, and evening, covering a range of styles, via the MindBody app. New clients can opt for the 'New Client Intro Offer' which is £25 for 5 classes, and can be used across a multitude of classes. Corporate companies keen to explore 'wellbeing at work' concepts at a time when connection, movement, breath and mental health are paramount should get in touch regarding online class opportunities.

There’ll also be monthly Women’s Circle workshops, focusing on nourishing women-centric self-care practices, including yoga, Qigong, conscious dance, meditation, singing and laughter.

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Full Circle Fitness

An independent gym based in Dry Drayton, Full Circle Fitness is offering live exercise streamed directly to your home at 7.30am and 7.30pm. Join owner Simon Goswell and his expert team for a range of awesome workouts, from aerobic circuits and yoga, to HIIT, core and Lactic Burn (ouch!). Also look out for lifestyle and nutritional tips and useful plans from the expert team to help maintain wellbeing during this challenging time.


NutureWorks Yoga and Qigong

Tiffany Bown at NurtureWorks offers yoga (and Qigong) classes online, with a focus on reconnecting to and moving in harmony with nature's cycles. She has regular weekly classes, as well as an in-depth program for women wanting to rediscover the power and vitality of their cyclical feminine selves. Tiffany started practising yoga more than 20 years ago, when it helped her restore her

Visit for information on the classes and to find out about Tiffany’s online program for women - Yoga for Cyclical Well-being


Lovefit Women's Wellness – the brainchild of Amber Brammah - is running all its usual classes via live-stream on Zoom, with sessions for ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’. Offerings include Barre, WOW (HIIT and circuit style workouts), pregnancy and birth preparation classes, and a postnatal class focusing on core and pelvic floor. Lots of variety! Head to the website for an overview of the timetable, as well as more detail about each class. Within each class page simply click ‘Book Now’ and follow instructions from there.


Cambridge Barre Workout

Run by professional dancer Emma Cuadrado, BarreConcept is a unique workout based in Cambridgeshire, which combines the elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, resistance training and ballet - performed at a ballet barre, with core work on a mat. Now available online, the classes are split into manageable timed videos, which are updated every month. The routines work the full body, incorporating resistance work, low impact HIIT and Barre. A subscription is £15.26 per month, with a 7-day free trial for all new clients (contact Emma for a code).

Visit cambridgebarreworkout for more information

Body Sculpt Pilates

Claire Young started Body Sculpt Pilates five years ago following a career in the dressage world. After having her son nearly seven years ago via C-section, she suffered a partial hernia, and her physio sent her for Pilates. She loved it so much that she trained as an instructor. In January, Claire opened her own Pilates studio in Girton, teaching nine classes a week. Since closing due to the Coronavirus crisis, she’s started offering online subscription sessions through Facebook, where Claire has three groups available; seniors, mixed ability and advanced. She streams around three sessions a week where people can watch live and chat to Claire or view at a time to suit them.

She is also teaching via conference calling, and on Fridays uploads a free session to her Facebook page, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

Find out more at bodysculptpilates or

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