Fitness: How to stay fit in four walls

From using your garden bench for step-ups to doing circuits in your lounge, there’s lots of ways to keep fit during ‘lockdown’ says Amber Brammah, personal trainer and founder of Lovefit, Cambridge

We’re living in strange times. Basic privileges such as going to the gym, heading out for a run with your mate, or sweating it out at a local bootcamp are no longer an option. With stress levels high, and exercise being such an important tool for clearing your head, just how do you keep fit within the confines of your own home?

At the time of writing we are all being asked to stay home, but are allowed to go outside once daily for exercise (alone or with a member of your household).

Assuming no change to the advice, this still means that much of your daily movement needs to happen at home. Here are my top tips for keeping your fitness, and your sanity, intact during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How to keep fit within four walls (32693234)
How to keep fit within four walls (32693234)

1)Use your daily outside exercise allowance

If you’re going a bit stir crazy – get outside! Go for a run, a bike ride, a nature walk. Stretch your legs and appreciate the sights and sounds of your neighbourhood. Even if you live in a more built-up area, it’s possible to leave home whilst keeping your distance from others. Why not explore the streets you’ve never been down, or take your kids out for some bird-spotting? You could run around a nearby football pitch, or set a cycle route and try to improve your time each week.

2)Get online

One of the easiest ways to keep active at home – especially if you are having to isolate and can’t go out at all – is to take a virtual class. Pretty much every fitness business has gone online to bring you workouts at home. You’ll find everything from HIIT to Barre, with the choice of online pre-recorded subscriptions, or virtual classes which are live-streamed. There’s a good chance that your usual instructor is doing something online, so do try to support local businesses if you can. All you need is an internet connection and a device on which to watch.

3)Recreate the gym at home

Home fitness equipment has been flying off the online shelves, as gym bunnies nationwide prepare for lockdown! A few basics can suffice for even the most seasoned athlete: A pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell or some resistance bands can be used for an infinite number of exercises to help build your strength. If space and budget permit, there are loads of options for treadmills (including compact, folding ones), rowing machines or exercise bikes. So if you’re used to working out alone in a gym setting, you should be able to replicate something similar at home. You might even inspire other members of your family to get active!

Amber Brammah, owner of Lovefit (32693232)
Amber Brammah, owner of Lovefit (32693232)

4)Get creative

Okay, so what if money is tight, you don’t already own any equipment, and you’re not really into group exercise, even from the privacy of your own home? Don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to get fit using just your own bodyweight and your surroundings.

-Stair runs:Literally what it says on the tin!Run (carefully) up and down the stairs as many times as you can. Guaranteed to get you out of breath and induce some good leg burn.

-Garden shuttles: If you have any outside space, no matter how small, try doing little laps or sprints up and down. Even in a very tight space, you could do some lateral (side to side) shuttles. Got a garden bench? Use it for step ups. All of the above are great cardio exercises.

-Simple bodyweight exercises such as squats, press-ups, and sit-ups can be done anywhere. YouTube will provide tips on technique if you’re unsure.

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