Fitness Focus: Meet dancer, barre teacher and movement director Amy Holly

Amy Holly is a dancer, barre teacher and movement director who has choreographed for Stella McCartney and Adidas. Cambridge-based, she is passionate about inspiring confidence through dance

Pictures by Cecilia Cristolovean @yogaandphoto

An elegant dancer
An elegant dancer

My fitness story

I don’t really see myself as working in the fitness industry! I teach a barre class at CAMYOGA and The Manor Barn but its roots are very much in dance. I also teach online classes on MFML (Movement for Modern Life), still work as a choreographer and will be teaching in Morocco and the South of France this year for wellness retreat company, In:spa Retreats.

I run an immersive dance night at MASH Cambridge called Karma Klub. This is a completely unique chance for people to let go and move together on the collective beat. Karma Klub recreates the complete clubbing experience; the queue, lighting, hazer smoke and a live DJ (@JOSHJHOLLY) BUT more than that I hope people can seek escape and refuge on the dance floor by expressing themselves through dance and connecting to the music. Everything I do is about boosting confidence, courage, determination and self-expression.

A natural dancer
A natural dancer

Why I love my job

It doesn’t feel like a job! I have to do this; dance has been my whole life so far. I love seeing people develop their physical and mental strength, but I also love being there when people fall in love with dance - it is pure magic!

My go-to quick workout

Leaping round my kitchen to Prince!

Amy in action
Amy in action

My favourite feel-good long workout

I don’t really workout outside of my own class (my own class is pretty hardcore) but I do love yoga so I would probably go to anything Andrea K (@mydogdoesyoga) or Mark Stevens (@yogastudioely) were doing.

The energy-boosting snack I swear by

AllYouNeed is an amazing protein drink with loads of other good superfood ingredients (@allyouneedsuperfoods).

My indulgent treat food

Ready Salted Walkers crisps, actually any crisps!

How I kick back and relax

I love walking my little dog and reading, and I also love a good film.

Amy specialises in barre
Amy specialises in barre

My top tip for anyone who needs motivating to start exercising

Maybe the first thing is to think about things you love doing. I love dance and exercise is just one of the benefits of dance. It never feels like a chore. I am interested in it on so many levels so I never think ‘you know what, I will give that a miss today’ because it has become part of who I am, part of what I do. I’m not sure that if you take up exercise because you want to lose weight or have nice biceps that’s enough to keep you doing it long term. You have to find something you love to make it stick.

Find out more about Amy at and enjoy a free class at CamYoga with the code VELVET24

Visit for details of Karma Klub and follow Amy @barrecambridge

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