Fitness: Five outdoor workouts to book now

Few things are as invigorating as a workout in the great outdoors. As Velvet celebrates living cleaner and greener, writer Riadh Falvo finds five local ways to get both fitter and closer to nature


Outdoor Workouts - Lovefit WOW sessions (stock shot) (54728155)
Outdoor Workouts - Lovefit WOW sessions (stock shot) (54728155)

Women’s health and fitness coach - and Velvet columnist: you’ll find her Fitness Diaries in March issue - Amber Brammah of Lovefit runs Women’s Outdoor Workouts, known as WOW sessions, which are group classes using a combination of circuit, conditioning and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at various locations and times throughout Cambridgeshire.

She invites women of all ages and fitness levels to come together to

workout in the park, and little ones are always welcome. There are a number of packages available, from the Newbie, 10 days for a tenner, to her most popular package, Silver, which is a three-month membership at £55 per month.

Amber is currently running classes on Thursdays, 9.15-10am, at Cottenham Recreation Ground. Workouts last 45 minutes and include ongoing support via her Facebook group. Packages are available on her website See Instagram @lovefit_womens_wellness, Facebook @LovefitAmber and Youtube for more.


Outdoor Workouts - Barefoot Walking at PAUS (stock image) (54728151)
Outdoor Workouts - Barefoot Walking at PAUS (stock image) (54728151)

As readers of last month’s Velvet will know, PAUS, the breathing/bathing space set in countryside just outside Cambridge, is home to an outdoor Barefoot Sensory Trail. As PAUS founder Alexandra Weissova told me when I caught up with her recently, the simple act of walking barefoot has gone from being a somewhat playful trend to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of health benefits for both mind and body, including reducing inflammation, decreasing stress or anxiety, and improving sleep. Alexandra also hinted that the PAUS team may or may not be working on an exciting new physical fitness programme for the spring.

In short: PAUS wants you to get outside, put down your phone, pick up your feet, embrace messy hair, rosy cheeks, and reignite that sparkle in your eye. You can book the Barefoot Sensory Trail, Waterside Sauna or a Sunset Session via the website: Follow Instagram @paus.cambridge and Facebook @pausincambridge.


Outdoor Workouts - Joyriders (stock image) (54728153)
Outdoor Workouts - Joyriders (stock image) (54728153)

JoyRiders Cambridgeshire is a group of volunteer ride leaders who haven’t forgotten what it’s like to start cycling. Their aim is to empower more women in Cambridgeshire to enjoy riding for work, leisure and everyday journeys and they run free guided rides across a variety of times and locations. Previous trips have included a beginners’ tour of the new Chisholm Trail and an intermediate weekend ride from Longstanton to St Ives. Eddington and Trumpington are also popular start points.

All riders are welcome – you just need a cycle that is safe to ride and basic handling skills. Their aim is to help you become a more confident rider in all conditions. I spoke to Anna Williams, who came particularly recommended, who mentioned that JoyRiders Leaders love to see the smiles at the end of the rides and the growing confidence of the women that return again and again.

Sessions are free, however booking is essential through their website: Follow Instagram @joyriders_britain.

Lena’s Bootcamp

Outdoor Workouts - Lena's Bootcamp outdoor kettlebell session (stock image) (54728154)
Outdoor Workouts - Lena's Bootcamp outdoor kettlebell session (stock image) (54728154)

Elena Kapitsa is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who runs a kettlebells class outdoors on Lammas Land every Friday morning at 9.30aam. High Intensity Interval Training and Fitness Bootcamp classes are also getting participants into the outdoors, this time at Chesterton Recreation Ground (handily just around the corner from Barbarella Cafe).

Bootcamp classes combine strength and cardio exercises to take participants that one step beyond what they think they are capable of. Elena describes the class as ‘heart-pumping’, and will work your muscles from tip to toe.

The intensity of the classes vary with bursts of activity alternating with moderate intervals. A new workout every week will keep your body guessing and progressing. As the saying goes, “You are capable of much more than you know.”

Prices are £6 for one 45-minute session or £30 for five with one free. Classes can be booked with Elena by visiting her website at, via Facebook @LenasBootcamp or by calling 07983 329708.

Janine Tandy Yoga

Outdoor Workouts - Janine Tandy Yoga on the riverside (stock shot) (54728152)
Outdoor Workouts - Janine Tandy Yoga on the riverside (stock shot) (54728152)

Janine Tandy will be hosting a yoga and mindfulness day retreat at Graduate Cambridge in the beautiful heart of the city this month, with a focus on ‘compassion and self-compassion’. Compassion is, Janine explains, “the heart of all mindfulness and yoga practice. . . it is the lens in which we look to meet our lives, each moment as it unfolds – with care, inclusivity, tenderness and curiosity.”

The day will include dynamic yoga flow, yin yoga and a wonderful landscape of mindfulness practices and will utilise the riverside outdoor space of the hotel, weather permitting.

The retreat takes place on Sunday, March 13, 10am-3pm, and places cost £60 to include a healthy lunch. To book contact Janine directly via or go to her website: Follow on Instagram @janinetandyyoga for more.

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