Fit For Life: How to start your day without the morning chaos

Are you constantly frazzled in the morning? No nonsense lifestyle coach Karl Williams shows you how to create a routine that’ll get your day off to a flying start (and, even better, it doesn’t involve a 5am wake-up!)

Do your mornings start with you feeling rushed and stressed, or calm and in control?

Karl Williams advises on a framework to avoid the morning rush
Karl Williams advises on a framework to avoid the morning rush

How you start your day is the catalyst for how your day goes, and the morning is the perfect opportunity to carve out some time where you can focus on yourself before the rest of the world gets to you. This is where having a morning routine is beneficial.

I'd like to start by saying there is no 'best' morning routine, despite what some people will try and tell you. No one routine works for everyone and trying to copy someone else's will lead to failure which is why so many people give up.

We all have different schedules, preferences, needs, time and lifestyles. This is why frameworks are more effective than fixed routines.

Today I'd like to share with you the framework that has helped me, and lots of my clients, start their day more positively and intentionally. Don't Panic. This doesn't require some elaborate two-hour routine that you see social media influencers promoting. Nor does it require you to get up at silly o'clock.

You can do this in as little, or as much time as you like. I call it the 3M Morning Routine.

The three Ms are Mindset, Movement and Mindfulness.

Let's look at the three components in a bit more depth and find out why they are important.


Getting your body moving first thing helps wake up the mind and body by getting the blood and feel-good hormones flowing. This could be anything from some light stretching, to a walk, or a full-blown workout. Just move; how you move is less important.


This might sound a bit woo-woo for some, but hear me out. You don't have to light some incense, sit on a cushion and meditate, although you can if you want. Mindfulness is simply creating inner calm. It's about emptying your mind first thing, rather than flooding it with noise. This is why one of the best things you can do first thing is nothing.

No social media. No news. No emails. They will all still be there after you've spent some time on yourself and the world won't end if you don't check them first thing.

Karl Williams
Karl Williams

Be intentional with what you let into your mind at the start of the day.


What are your goals for the day? What would a good day look like? What is your number one priority? These are just example questions, use them if you like, but the point is to connect with what's important to you and how you'd like your day to go.

It may not work out as planned, but it definitely won't go to plan if you don't have one. Either write down the answers in a journal, a notes app, or just think about them.

This will help focus your mind on what you need to do which will then influence your actions.

A few final tips on how to master your morning using the 3M framework. This may require you to get up a little earlier than usual, but the benefits are worth it. Get to bed 15 minutes earlier and you won't, and shouldn't, sacrifice any sleep.

Also, if you want, you can save time by doing something that ticks all the boxes in one go. For example, a walk outside, with no phone, thinking about your goals and what you have to do that day, is one activity that ticks all three boxes.

And remember, while you should stick to the 3Ms every day, not every day has to look the same. Experiment, get creative and find what works for you.

One last thing. Viewing sunlight first thing is great for your circadian rhythm and will help you sleep later that night. So, if you can get outside, even on a cloudy day, that's a huge bonus. Now that we are heading into summer this becomes a lot easier.

A lot of people have been put off by overly complex, or unnecessarily long morning routines. I hope I've shown you that it doesn't have to be that way. Experience is the best teacher, so set your alarm a little earlier tomorrow and give it a try.

Karl is a lifestyle coach who helps clients to build better habits and break bad ones. Find out more at

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