Fit Bits: Jane Hart helps individuals and businesses prioritise wellbeing

Jane Hart pressed pause on her corporate job to become a personal trainer, and now runs bootcamps and helps businesses to prioritise staff wellbeing via online platform GetMeFit

My Fitness Story
I’ve always loved the way exercise makes me feel, and encouraging friends and family to get moving in whatever way makes them smile. I’m a marketeer by profession but in 2017 decided I wanted to help others get more active, so I qualified as a level 3 personal trainer and took a pause from corporate life. I’ve been running group bootcamps just south of Cambridge ever since, offering both low and high impact classes as well as 1:1 sessions. I believe the best way to keep people engaged is with variety and a sense of humour; I always mix up the format and exercises and encourage laughter, as well as good form.

Jane Hart
Jane Hart

What I do
More recently, I decided to put all I’d learnt about motivating people to improve their health to good use for companies. I co-founded an online platform called GetMeFit, which supports businesses to help their workforce find simple ways to improve their overall wellbeing. We cover nutrition, sleep and movement, as well as important topics such as stress management, financial wellbeing and grey area drinking. Busy people often sacrifice the time they need for themselves to stay healthy. An employer actively encouraging time out in the day for a stretch class, or a sleep coach Q&A session, or to find inspiration for some easy healthy food choices can have a really positive impact on wellbeing in the longer term AND productivity at work; it’s a win, win. We deliver most of our live sessions over Teams or Zoom, so everyone can join in. We also offer on demand recorded content for those who can’t fit around a regular schedule easily.

Why I love my job
I love helping people find creative ways to fit healthier choices around their busy working days. It’s easy to get to a place where you do nothing because you feel like you’ll never make a difference with the time you can spare, but that’s just not true. Every healthy choice counts; the small choices can add up to big changes across a year.

Jane doing tricep dips in the park
Jane doing tricep dips in the park

My go-to quick workout
If you want something quick and effective, you can’t beat a simple Tabata-style workout. The principle is that you work as hard as you possibly can for a short, timed interval and follow it with a short recovery and go again. The exercises can be simple and if you give it your all, you can make an impact on your fitness with just 15 minutes.

My favourite feel-good long workout
It depends on what kind of week it’s been but either a yoga session or a run outdoors. You can’t get enough fresh air as far as I’m concerned, it’s good for mind and body (particularly if you can find some green space along the way).

The energy-boosting snack I swear by
A smoothie made with frozen fruit, plant milk and a decent quality plant protein powder is my post workout go-to. But if I’m at my desk all day and need something quick, I always have nuts and apples to hand.

My indulgent treat food
Dark chocolate! It’s all about balance after all. . .

How I kick back and relax
I love a nice stroll in the countryside, good coffee, catching up with friends over a glass of wine or snuggling up on the sofa with my family to watch a film (particularly if it’s raining outside!).

My top tip for anyone who needs motivating to start exercising
Start small and build up gradually. A brisk 15-minute walk is better than another day not moving your body (and it’s great for your mental fitness too). It’s not an all or nothing approach that gets you fitter, it’s consistency. It’s surprising how quickly your body will start telling you it wants to do more if you start to feel the benefits of moving it for just a short time and enjoy the activity you’ve chosen.

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