Conscious Living: Cambridge's top ethical ventures

Each month, Aksara Inamdar of to Woke Souls shines a light on conscious eating, sustainable living and wellbeing. Here she reveals eight ethical initiatives thriving in and around Cambridge

Catkins Illustrations (48812333)
Catkins Illustrations (48812333)

Having grown up and lived in Cambridge for the most part of my life, it's had a tendency to feel somewhat of a sleepy town. However, this is being challenged as we begin to witness a rise in ethical, values-driven brands and initiatives sprouting up across the city. From food to fashion, below are eight initiatives worth bookmarking.


The concept, spearheaded by Duncan Catchpole is currently operating on a business to business level, however there are ways you can support its growth and expansion by voting with your wallet. Various hub members are championing schemes initiated by CFH, and these are available to access at a consumer level - check out the following: Green Coffee Shop Scheme, Crisp Packet Recycling and Healthy Start Veg Box. To find out more about how food hubs can help create more sustainable food systems, get your hands on a copy of Duncan's newly published book: Local Food Ecosystems.

→ Also, check out Gatherer's nutritious & delicious organic, plant-based pop-ups, @gathererfoods

Wellness: PAUS

Founders of Bathing under the Sky, Alexandra Weissova & Bart Juranek hit the nail on the head having introduced their concept back in 2018, boasting Western red cedar wood-fired hot tubs, a Finnish dry barrel sauna, cool plunge pool and nutritious eats at the beautiful hilltop terrace. Having built on the concept further with their family to include a whole new array of added features including a hammock alley, sensory trail and soon-to-come exciting events and collaborations, there's no other space quite like it. You can book a day pass, hire a private tub, opt for a sauna-only ticket, or sign up for an unlimited monthly or annual membership.

→ Also, check out Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre's float pool, @satyam_yoga_cambridge

Beauty: RE:FRESH

Conscious living advocate Hollie Johnson, has been paving the way in haircare, beauty and sustainability since long before launching Re:Fresh in 2018. As a member of the Green Salon Collective, the salon sends off all ‘waste’ including cut hair and used foils to be recycled. Re:Fresh also offers clients organic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly in-salon treatments, avoiding harsh or damaging chemical additives, in addition to refillable, hair care products that can be used at home. It doesn't end there though; Hollie has great plans for expanding on her already refined concept in the very near future - watch this space.

→ Also, check out Soap Pedlars for beauty products pedalled straight to your door, @soappedlars


9 Norfolk Street is home to vintage and second-hand clothing shop and swap: Serpentine Swap, founded and run by Rachael Victoria, who seized the opportunity to organically grow into the space after an initial pop-up there, once CB2 had closed. Having started trading on the market back in 2018, the concept has flourished, making the space a warm and cosy welcome addition, with its trendy vibes and Small and Green’s plants. SS is a place to swap in old clothes for new ones, source vintage gems, and to take pre-loved items for tailoring.

→ Also, check out Akatue for ethical woven bags & homeware, @akatuestudio

Meet Aksara

Aksara Inamdar (48812331)
Aksara Inamdar (48812331)

Aksara Inamdar is an advocate for the conscious living movement and founder of ‘to Woke Souls’. As a creative writer, entrepreneur, and podcaster, she is passionate about making a real difference by using her platforms to inform, inspire and motivate others to live a more enlightened and fulfilled life.

to Woke Souls is a leading resource and community for sustainability, slow living and self-love. The site features insights from our city’s most purpose-led, inspired individuals and serves an engaged readership of people seeking to better care for themselves, their communities and the planet.

Find out more about Aksara and to Woke Souls at / @towokesouls

Illustration, top, by Catkins Illustrations

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