Column: Antonya Catahlinah Beamish on the benefits of living in the moment

Cambridge-based holistic therapist Antonya Catahlinah Beamish encourages us to slow down, live in the now and appreciate the moment

There’s a certain type of person who can’t slow down.

We whizz around, darting here and there, like busy bees, making sure the loose ends are tied up, all the jobs on the to-do lists are ticked off and everything is where it’s meant to be.

We like control, order, and to maintain a sense of calm, yet we’re often in a state of frazzled chaos as we desperately try to squeeze as much as possible into the day.

Antonya Catahlinah Beamish
Antonya Catahlinah Beamish

This can end up making life seem like a constantly swinging seesaw between rushing around in a panic and being so tired that we just can’t find the energy to do what needs to be done.

When we can’t slow down, there’s usually some other energies, programmes and beliefs hiding just below the surface. Sometimes we’re conscious of them but most of the time we’re not.

Are we busy because we feel we need to prove ourselves? Are we in a rush because we’re not being kind or compassionate enough to ourselves to ground, rest and relax? Are we moving too fast because we’re too focused on the future and imagining that life will be better there if only we work harder now?

Often, the energy that’s driving being busy stems from the belief that the harder we work the more worthy we are. This is the backwards thinking that sadly pervades our society today. Even from school we’re told the harder we work the better we are, that resting is lazy and that life is a competition that we have to win.

No wonder so many of us are burnt out, overwhelmed and frazzled in our constant efforts to achieve.

Time to stop racing around and live in the moment
Time to stop racing around and live in the moment

Yet, the beautiful lesson for us to learn here is that the more we slow down and lean back, allowing ourselves to rest and relax into the perfection of the present moment, the more we open up our energy to receive.

It’s definitely an art to find the balance between doing and being, but once we get it, and begin to witness the dramatic transformations it has on our lives, the more we can start to understand its power.

When we rush, we aren’t living in the present moment, we are living in the future and thinking about all the things that need to get done. It’s very rare in this state that we find time to stop, slow down and appreciate what we’re doing at that very moment.

Most of us also stress and worry about time passing us by, feeling angst about there never being enough time to get everything done, and fearing that time will eventually run out.

This fear of lack of time can be particularly painful when we’re so conscious of all the things we haven’t yet done, the paths we haven’t yet explored and the journeys we still want to start, which can create an impatience within us that drives us to rush around.

The trick here is to slow down and trust that everything is working out for us and that the path we’re on is the one we’re meant to be on. Trusting in a future that hasn’t yet happened can feel scary, yet none of us have a choice to do anything but that. Change rushes up to us on a constant basis, like waves reaching the shore, to pull us into the divine beauty of our reality, time and time again.

When I’m in a rush there’s a mantra I love to speak out loud, and it’s simply: “I have all the time in the world to get everything done that really needs to get done” and by saying this I create space in my chest to breathe.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective, we just need to zone out of the minutiae of our lives for the briefest of moments to see the bigger picture showing us that everything is good, life is holding us and we’re ok. So, the next time you’re in a rush, question why and see if you can take a moment to lean back and observe what’s going on and how kind you can be to yourself in this moment.

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