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Originating in Australia, F45 Training is an innovative and exciting fitness concept, specialising in 45-minute workouts, which happen on the same day, all around the world. We chat to Sarah Craske, who is launching Cambridge’s first F45 studio on Station Road

Tell us about F45 Training, Cambridge?

We are really pleased to be located right by the station, in an area that has developed so much recently and will continue to evolve. It is convenient for those that live and work nearby, and commuters. We aim to build a strong membership community and will adapt our timetable and classes to suit our users. People will be able to drop in on the way to or from work, get a 45 minute workout and then get on with their day.

What facilities will you have on offer?

We will offer the best trainers (two per class), and due to the bespoke technology used in F45 classes, the trainers will be free to interact with and motivate members. F45 have over 36 different classes, which run on a 10-week timetable and then change to a new set of classes, meaning members never get bored. Our studio will give the well-known F45 experience and will be consistent with F45 studios around the globe, however our member areas will feel more individual, our boutique-style changing rooms will have good amenities, whilst the reception area will be open-plan, allowing members to chill and make friends. F45 also offer something called the eight-week challenge, which runs four times a year across all studios and produces amazing results, supported with workouts and a bespoke nutrition program.

F45 Training(8141198)
F45 Training(8141198)

What inspired you to launch F45 Training in Cambridge?

I haven’t always been into fitness. It’s only in the past few years that I started to take time to improve my health and fitness, however once I started, I was hooked. I was lucky to be referred to train with Callum Osborne (now F45 Cambridge’s head trainer) when I was looking for a PT and we have trained together for over three years now. We have always had the same interests in the type of training we like and the studios we thought were ‘cool’. We agreed Cambridge needed something new and different to a standard gym model. London has an amazing fitness scene - it’s one of the best in the world - but I wanted to be able to stay in my home town.

Tell us about your experience of F45?

The first F45 opened in London on Tottenham Court Road (TCR); I joined on day 1 and loved it. The workouts were so different and had a great effect on my fitness, plus due to the nature of F45 placing so much emphasis on building a community, I made friends too. I still go almost every day because it feels like part of my routine and like seeing my family. The owners of F45 TCR (Mike and Amy) are amazing; they knew of F45 from Sydney (Australia). What they have created is inspirational - and they have been so supportive of myself and Callum.

F45 Training(8141196)
F45 Training(8141196)

What's your career background Sarah?

I have lived in Cambridge since I met my husband Simon 12 years ago. I love Cambridge as a place to live - it has so much to offer - but I have always commuted to work in London, so I have spent a lot of time on trains and tubes. I worked mainly in fashion retail (in roles such as head of retail and commercial brand director), so I have gained commercial and business experience that’s been helpful in setting up F45. I used to travel a great deal, and at one time would be on a plane almost weekly, but when you get into health and fitness you reassess and realise that certain routines are not the best for your wellbeing. So I have been lucky and managed to create a better work/life balance more recently. I guess the fact that I started to prioritise fitness so much told me that it was time to change and do something I was passionate about.

Tell us about the concept of F45. . .

F45 was born in Australia in 2012; there are over 600 studios in Australia and it’s currently one of the world’s fastest growing fitness franchises. You can train in New York or Singapore and every studio does the same class on the same day, so it feels like you are part of the global F45 family. The F45 mantra is ‘Team training, Life changing’. In the classes we all train as one team, there are no mirrors and no egos; everyone supports each other. The results are life changing.

F45 Training(8141190)
F45 Training(8141190)

What type of classes do you specialise in?

The classes are really varied, which is what makes F45 so effective. They all have fun names such as Angry Birdies or Mont Blanc. There is a balance of cardio and resistance classes, which means you can attend every day and get a full varied workout program. Every class is structured differently; some are individual circuits, some are small groups in pods, others include some partner work, there are even two classes (Brixton and Brooklyn) that feature boxing elements or a class called Pipeline, where the exercises are inspired by surfing. On Saturday we have an hour-long class called Hollywood, which is a lot of fun and features a live DJ in the studio

F45 Training (8141202)
F45 Training (8141202)

What clientèle are you aimed at?

F45 is accessible for almost everyone. The exercises are scaled so a very fit or strong member can train next to someone at their first class, as it is time based rather than rep or weight based.

How does membership work?

There are various options, and we have a limited number of foundation memberships. There will also be a standard monthly membership or option to buy a block of classes at a time. We will offer a two week trial, so you can attend unlimited for 2 weeks; this will be £49, before you decide on a full membership.

We hear there are group training opportunities?

We would like to offer the opportunity of team building events or private hire of our space and trainers for bespoke group classes. In addition to our timetable classes, we will also offer evening workshops, which will be available to all members at no extra charge.

What do you think will make F45 stand out in Cambridge?

We will complement the fitness offering in Cambridge, because F45 is different to anything else in the city centre. We hope it gives a new option to those that spend a lot of time in CB1 and will pave the way for other new brands to consider Cambridge.

F45 Training(8141200)
F45 Training(8141200)

What are your hopes for the business?

Callum and I have a consistent objective, which is to build a strong community of members and offer them a great F45 experience. Longer term there will be plans for more studios either in Cambridge or beyond, but certainly not stopping at one.

How can people get in touch?

Follow our Instagram page F45_training_cambridgestation or drop us an email at or pop in and see us at 60 Station Road, Cambridge, once we are open (May/June).

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