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WanderSups: Make the ultimate summer tostadas

Hannah Gregory's pea and goat's cheese tostadas
Hannah Gregory's pea and goat's cheese tostadas

Summer is here and it’s all about light, refreshing plates of food that can be enjoyed with a crisp glass of white wine, ideally eaten alfresco whilst enjoying a soundtrack of evening birdsong.

This dish was birthed following a trip to a well known taco restaurant in London. The veggie of the group ordered the goat’s cheese tacos, the carnivores silently rolling their eyes as we hungrily waited for plates of barbacoa and cochinita pibil to be slapped down in front of us.

Never one to turn down a bite of any form of taco, I gobbled it up - much to my surprise, it was one of the most delicious tacos I had ever tasted. Zingy lime cutting through the rich creaminess of the goat’s cheese, a hit of chilli, gently soothed by the milky dairy, I made a note to myself that I must try and recreate it. And then drank too much tequila, forgot about the taco and the note and didn’t think much more of it.

A few months later, following a private dining event, I was playing my favourite late night game of making something out of leftover ingredients and whatever was knocking around in the fridge and a less refined version of the below was born.

Freshly popped pods of garden peas
Freshly popped pods of garden peas

I played around a little, the addition of peas further Anglophiling the situation, the addition of pea shoots poshing it up a bit. These tostadas are perfect for a light lunch or a starter. They are so simple but really deliver the wow factor. You can also use a smaller cooking cutter to create smaller discs and create the perfect canapé for garden parties and soirees alike.

Pea and Goat’s Cheese Tostadas
Makes: 8

What you need :

● 8 corn tortillas

● Veg oil for frying

● 180g fresh garden peas (you can use frozen if out of season)

● Glug of olive oil

● 100g Rosary Ash goat’s cheese

● 25g coriander

● 2 limes

● Big pinch salt

● 1 clove garlic

● ½ avocado

● ½ 767g tin tomatillos (available online) drained and rinsed

● 1 jalapeno

● Pea shoots for garnish

● Lime wedges to serves

How you do it:

1. Using a 8cm cookie cutter, cut discs from your tortillas.

2. Heat the oil to 180°C.

3. Gently fry the tostadas for a few minutes, flipping halfway through to ensure they are golden on each side.

4. Remove from the hot oil and drain on kitchen towel.

5. Bring a small pan of water to the boil and cook half your peas for two minutes, drain.

6. Heat the olive oil in the frying pan, fry the other half of the peas until starting to blacken and pop.

7. To make your salsa verde, add the juice of two limes, the coriander and a pinch of salt to a blender and blitz until you have a smooth, bright green puree.

8. Add the garlic, avocado, jalapeno and tomatillos and blitz again until smooth. Check the seasoning and add more lime or salt if needed.

9. Stir the drained peas through the salsa verde.

10. To assemble, carefully spoon the pea salsa verde onto a tostada, crumble over the goat’s cheese and spoon over some of the charred peas.

11. Garnish with pea shoots and serve with lime wedges.

Meet the Chef: A former BBC MasterChef quarter finalist, Hannah hosts WanderSups supper clubs, “serving meals created with love, inspired by journeys around the world, dished up on home turf”. Her ethos is simple - have fun, enjoy it, make it an occasion. To find out more follow @wandersups

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