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New: The Cambridge company making home baking easy

Find baking too much of a faff? These Cambridge-made kits promise to be swift, simple, delicious - and kind to the planet, too

Master’s student Amelia Faye is one of those people who’ve put their lockdown free time to productive use: she’s launched her own baking kit company. Called The Cambridge Baking Co. after her adopted home city - she moved here from the North West to study at the university - Amelia’s brand only began in February, but is already winning rave customer reviews.

“I’d say our ‘signature’ product is the triple chocolate fudge brownies,” she says. “They’ve been so popular since we launched, and we’ve had some really great feedback. One customer even said they were the best brownies she’d ever had which is really high praise!”

Having long baked as a hobby, Amelia says she wanted to share the love - and felt there was a gap in the market for kits which make the process easy and delicious. “For me, part of the fun is the actual baking, and I really want to share that,” she explains.

The enterprise is firmly planet-friendly, with the kits presented in glass bottles designed to be reused as storage jars or even a vase and packaged in recyclable boxes and biodegradable bubble wrap and string. Each kit contains carefully measured dry ingredients - simply add egg/s and butter or, for the vegan options, oil and almond milk - which means there’s also no waste.

“People are definitely starting to bake more, but a lot of ingredients go wasted if you don’t bake a lot,” adds Amelia. “These kits minimise waste, and they make baking a lot faster. There’s also a lot less washing up, which is always a perk!”

Designed to make great gifts - along with the pretty presentation, they last in the cupboard for months - the bottles are a nod to her first job on a milk round.

Amelia credits her dad and boyfriend, who both “really struggle in the kitchen, but love home-baked goods”, with inspiring the baking kit concept. “I wanted to create something that could really benefit those who have always been intimidated by baking, or who want to make baking both faster and easier,” she explains. “There’s nothing better than fresh, homemade, baked goods, and baking something for yourself is really satisfying.”

See and shop the full range at cambridgebakingcompany.co.uk and follow @cambridgebakingcompany on Instagram for updates.

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