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Food: Why Cambridge bakery Eclipse is a star turn

Little sister to Dulcedo, the Eddington patisserie, people queue down Mill Road to shop at this small but perfectly formed bakery. Velvet can see why

Walk past Eclipse Bakery, which opened on Cambridge’s Mill Road at the end of last year, and the waft of freshly baked breads and pastries will have you doubling back and joining the queue. It’s the little sister to Dulcedo, the patisserie which recently relocated from Hills Road to a larger Eddington base, and it’s already making a big impression.

Spanning classic sourdough loaves, focaccias, filled sandwiches and sausage rolls through to galettes, croissants, cardamom buns and cinnamon swirls, everything on the counter is freshly baked daily. Say pastry chef Andrew Hunter and his partner Joanna, who’ve grown their baking enterprise from their home kitchen and an occasional market stall in 2015: “We are proud to serve only homemade, fresh products every day, and to use local independent suppliers - our coffee is locally roasted and our bread is made with local organic flour. From the beginning, customers have complimented the quality, consistency, flavours and versatility of our products.”

The plan had been to open a single larger site at Eddington but, with the pandemic hitting just as they were about to make the move, Joanna says it made more sense to scale back and opt for a second, smaller but city central location. “I have to say it was the easiest project we’ve ever done,” she says. “We picked a shop that we liked, arranged a meeting with the agent, made an offer that was accepted and a few days later had designed the layout.”

Fitted with upcycled materials wherever possible, including recycled flooring, Eclipse also runs on eco energy. Doors opened in November. “only one month after we opened the shop at Eddington,” Joanna continues. “It was hard work to get a team together in such a short period of time and at the same time produce products that we would be happy with. For two straight months, Andy and I worked 14-hour days, every day. But we managed to get a great team together that delivers great products and service.”

Currently open for takeaways only, Joanna says the plan is “to expand our product range and opening hours once we’re all in safer and more comfortable surroundings. We love seeing returning Eclipse Bakery is at 190 Mill Road, Cambridge. Follow @eclipsebakery.cambridge on Instagram for more.

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