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Food: Top five street food vans in Cambridge

To celebrate alfresco dining season, Cambridge Foodies founder Simon Tompkins spotlights five must-visit food vans

Summer is a time to be enjoying the outdoors, during that exciting-yet-brief period when the sun graces us with its presence. To make the most of it, I have put together my top five food van recommendations, so you can enjoy the best meals while soaking up the sun!

Food vans are incredibly popular in The Cambridge Foodies community right now and it is easy to see why, as they are able to offer top quality food for great value. You can find them almost anywhere too, as their mobility gives them the opportunity to pop up in the most unlikely of places, bringing foodie flavours to events and places that might otherwise be limited in their food offerings.

Holy Burger - Cambridge Foodies (57689228)
Holy Burger - Cambridge Foodies (57689228)

Holy Burger

I have always struggled with burger vans. Very few places have managed to tick all the boxes when it comes to offering what I would consider a robust burger experience. That is, until I found Holy Burger. Holy Burger offer large portions of high-quality food at a fair price. The hilarious biblical names such as the ‘Baby Cheesus’ and ‘The Holy Porker’ really add character and their signature black

garlic ketchup adds an intense and rich flavour to their burgers. Holy Burger is my saviour of burger vans!

Spotted at: St Ives, Burrel Road

Al Chile - Cambridge Foodies (57689226)
Al Chile - Cambridge Foodies (57689226)

Al Chile

Offering a selection of handmade corn tortillas, burritos, and quesadillas, Al Chile is one of the best examples of authentic Mexican food in the Cambridgeshire area. The Mexican-style blue corn chorizo tortillas are some of the most delicious I have ever had. The spicy marinated onion really brings this to life and the cuisine itself is as vivid and beautiful as Al Chile’s multicoloured van. Be careful though, the tortillas are very messy, especially while eating outside!

Spotted at: Ely Cathedral

Waffle & Co - Cambridge Foodies (57689230)
Waffle & Co - Cambridge Foodies (57689230)

Waffle & Co

Chicken and waffles were two things I never thought would go together but Ana and Tori have completely turned my concept of food on its head. They offer something completely fresh and exciting by merging sweet and savoury into one glorious dish… and execute it perfectly! My favourite dish is The Signature, which consists of boneless chicken breast in a crispy coating, maple syrup, and whipped chive butter all served on a waffle. The chicken is incredibly succulent and their portions are huge! Their

desserts are also some of the most indulgent I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. Waffle & Co is my outright favourite food van.

Spotted at: Northstowe

Pigcasso - Cambridge Foodies (57689229)
Pigcasso - Cambridge Foodies (57689229)


Pigcasso gets everything right when it comes to running a food van. The cheekily named ‘Pulled Pork Butt’ consists of 12-hour smoked pulled pork in a brioche bun which delivers one of the most succulent and juicy dishes I have ever witnessed. The staff here are so friendly and incredibly approachable, which makes you want to keep coming back again and again. They also make life incredibly easy for you by lending a small remote which vibrates when your food is ready, letting you get on with your evening while you wait. Genius! Make sure to try their honey glazed smoked sausage.

Spotted at: The Cherry Tree, Haddenham

Azahar - Cambridge Foodies (57689227)
Azahar - Cambridge Foodies (57689227)


I have always said there is not enough Spanish food representation on the Cambridge foodie scene and Azahar fixes exactly that by offering a selection of bacata-style sandwiches which come in the form of a wrap or baguette, a robust and delicious meal which is easy to eat while on the go. The Chorizo particularly stood out for me, served with peppers, goat’s cheese and smoky mayo. Keep an eye out for their paella too, which is occasionally served. They also do a selection of olives and nuts which I highly recommend just in case a sandwich is not enough.

Spotted at: Brewboard Brewery, Harston

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