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Food: Say cheese(cake) at Lo's in Brampton

Sally and Georgia Feitelson are mother and daughter and founder and director of Little One’s Cheesecake Emporium in Brampton, Cambridgeshire, where customers can build their own cheesecakes. Following a successful stint at The Grafton Centre, this sweet spot has moved to a new home at 6 Central Avenue, Brampton Park Estate. Georgia shares their story with Lisa Millard

The beginnings

As a child my dad called me ‘Little One’. Growing up, my Mumma served her lemon cheesecake at our beautiful family occasions. We used to go away to Spain every year as family and take our caravan and the idea of Lo’s (Littleones) was originally an idea where sweet treats could travel the UK in caravans – my dream to roam freely, working at the same time. The concept emerged from this idea.

Why cheesecakes?

When we were a family of four, my Mumma would make dinner and after a yummy spag bol, we would have her lemon cheesecake. My dad and I would always hope some would be leftover for breakfast. Come morning, my Mumma would find spoon marks in the dish in the fridge when she went to get milk for her coffee. The entire family loved her cheesecake so much and I was sure the world would love it too.

Lo's big cheesecake (48875098)
Lo's big cheesecake (48875098)

What’s on the menu?

Cheesecakes galore. My Mumma is the cheesecake queen, developing all the variations we love and sell at Lo’s. It’s bespoke – customers choose a size, a biscuit base (digestive, Oreo, custard cream, chocolate chip and lots more); a filling (vanilla bean, millionaire shortbread, Biscoff, key lime, brownie, white chocolate and lots more); a sauce (salted caramel, chocolate ganache, strawberry compote and lots more); and toppings (all the sweets you can imagine). We combine coffee beans to create our own (my brother loves a good coffee) and Mumma is the inspiration behind our cakes. She taught me all I know and continues to teach me every day. Now I am the baker for Lo’s, and my favourite part is designing the cakes. There are savouries too – inspired by family favourites, including Poppi’s pastrami bagel. Lo’s is a family affair.

Why the move from The Grafton to the new shop in Brampton?

Covid prompted us. We had worked so hard for two years building the business. When shopping centres were closed we made a decision overnight to start home deliveries. Orders boomed and we were so excited. However, during Covid, I unfortunately had to start a course of chemo – meaning I had to isolate from my family for four months. Mumma was at The Grafton working by herself and I was trying to work out what to do next. We found the Brampton shop which changed our focus and offered the chance to open our Emporium, which we did in February.

How’s it going?

It’s been a rollercoaster and it’s been phenomenal. So surreal, we are living our dream. We are so grateful.

What is Lo’s perfect summer pudding?

Lo’s lemon drizzle sponge, with warm Mumma-made lemon curd served with Chantilly cream.

What is on the shelf in August?

Sunshine, we hope. We have lots of plans for new products which everyone can learn about on our Instagram. In the long run we hope to create more Lo’s in some special locations throughout the UK to spread the cheesecake love.

See loscheesecake.co.uk and @littleonescheesecakeemporium

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