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Event: "Shenanigans and champagne" at Tickell Arms

Tickets are on sale for a five-course dining night at Whittlesford's Tickell Arms - and it sounds fabulous. . .

With “shenanigans and champagne quaffing coming as standard”, Whittlesford’s Tickell Arms is hosting a five-course dining night this month in tribute to its eponymous - and indeed infamous - former owner.

Self-styled Squire Kim Joseph Holleck De La Taste Tickell owned the pub and restaurant in the 1970s and 80s and the stories of his time there are the stuff of local legend.

“He loved playing Wagner at full volume and sipping champagne in the duck pond, but he also had a long list of people he wouldn’t tolerate,” says the team at Cambs Cuisine, which now runs the Arms.

“In fact, the full list of people who couldn’t step foot inside the restaurant is still up on the wall and well worth a read! No men with earrings, no candle wax pickers, no collarless garments. . .”

Promising “an evening of fun. . . nowadays everyone is welcome”, A Tribute to Squire Tickell takes place on October 7 and tickets are booking fast - follow @cambscuisine for full details.

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