Win: A luxury SBC Skincare set worth £50

SBC Skincare, the acclaimed beauty brand born and bred in Needham Market, turns 30 this year. To mark the milestone, Alice Ryan chats to brand manager Nancy Hayes - and we give away a luxe product set

SBC Acids Collection MAIN (36386461)
SBC Acids Collection MAIN (36386461)

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! That's quite a milestone. What's made the brand survive and thrive, would you say?

Thank you! I think it comes down to our dedication to providing excellent, problem-solving skincare that is accessible to everyone. We’re honest: Our skincare rivals the big names in the business, but we have kept our prices fair and our formulas uncomplicated. We listen to our customers and watch

the trends, so that we can quickly bring ‘in-demand’ products to market.

Tell us how the brand came to be.

Wow, that’s a hard one to pin down. . . 50 odd years ago my dad was selling comb wallets to hairdressers out the back of a van! He elevated that to a wholesale business, began a cosmetics line, predominantly make-up at that time, and then SBC was born. We had a close connection to the beauty industry, linked through hairdressing, and saw there was a gap in the market.

Did you always want to work within the beauty industry? What sparked the ambition?

It would be fair to say I was born into it. I think pride develops passion too. When I see all we have achieved over the years, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I love that we make our own products, from conception to completion; that brings so much happiness.

SBC brand manager Nancy Hayes (36386463)
SBC brand manager Nancy Hayes (36386463)

SBC became known for its skincare gels, still at the core of the collection. What makes them iconic?

Our pioneer water-based gel formula is the perfect texture to deliver powerful natural ingredients to the skin. Our gels are loved by all skin types and ages because they’re super lightweight, non-sticky, allow the pores to breathe and absorb quickly. The gels are so easy to use and yet you’ll see amazing results. Other brands have tried to emulate our formulas, but without our success.

The range has grown hugely in recent years, hasn't it? Tell us about the latest additions, released to mark the 30th anniversary.

The range is now very extensive. We get excited about new ingredients and products, and sometimes get carried away! Having our in-house chemist working alongside our product development team means we get to play with new ideas and concepts. We have lots of thoughts and quickly see them come alive. Some are just too good not to share.

As part of our 30-year celebrations, we released the Vitamin C Super Boost Serum earlier in the year. This is a wonderful product with not only vitamin C but hyaluronic acid to boost moisture in the skin and nourishing squalane - from green olives. It’s sold in a 300ml size, so it’s perfect for the body as well as the face.

The Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Collection, designed to mark our 30 years, is a luxurious take on our hero collagen collection. Traditionally, pearls are used to celebrate a 30-year anniversary and it turns out that the Tahitian black pearl has incredible benefits for the skin. It was a win-win and has so far gone down a storm.

SBC Acids Collection (36386462)
SBC Acids Collection (36386462)

We’ve also launched an Acid Collection this May; this was with QVC UK but will be available direct from SBC too, from June. This is a wonderful trio comprising Salicylic Body Wash, Glycolic Resurfacing Body Serum and Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate. We’ve had wonderful results and reviews

from this gentle but effective acid collection.

If we've not tried SBC skincare before, which product or products should we start with?

Now that’s a tricky one, as there are so many favourites. I would suggest the Hydra-Collagen Moisturising Skincare Gel. It’s so versatile and has been used in spas and salons, along with homes across the globe, for years. It’s a moisturiser, primer, mask and so much more.

SBC's hero collagen gel through the years (36386468)
SBC's hero collagen gel through the years (36386468)

I would suggest you try one of our body washes too - you’ll notice the difference in your skin almost immediately. I can’t live without the Hydra-Collagen Replenishing Cream Cleanser, it removes ALL make-up, cleanses and hydrates the skin. It’s like having a facial every day! If you talk to any of our team, you’ll find they have their own personal favourites, depending on their individual concerns and the aromas they love.

You released a sell-out hand sanitiser, to help in the fight against Covid-19. Tell us about that.

We did indeed. Ahead of the lockdown, we needed to supply our own workers with effective hand sanitisers and struggled to find the quantity we needed. Our chemist made a formula using ingredients already safety assessed, so we could launch it to our customers immediately.

We utilised bottles we had in stock, so the first run was limited and sold out within hours. Despite difficulties sourcing component parts, we continued to produce the sanitiser it until the raw ingredient supply dried up. I’m delighted to say that we were able to donate a substantial amount to staff at our local hospitals too.

Now we’re revamping the formula to a more luxurious version, with added lemon myrtle and thyme essential oils; the fresh scent leaves your hands smelling wonderful. We feel that people will continue to carry a sanitiser for some time to come, so why not one that provides a little something extra?

There must have been plenty of both highs and lows over your 30 years in skincare?

Most definitely, and the lows are nearly always financial. As a small, independent company staying afloat is often half the battle! We are conscious of environmental issues and keeping SBC up to date with the correct level of recyclability of our packaging, plus sourcing ethical and sustainable raw ingredients often takes unseen investment and strain. Still, we get knocked down, but we ALWAYS get back up again. The highs for me are customer feedback; I get such a buzz when I read about the love for our products.

Marking your 30th birthday in the midst of the pandemic, we're guessing you've had to put celebrations on hold. What can we look forward to, once the storm has passed?

We would like to have a party of course! We had many ideas that sadly won’t come to fruition now, but the most important part of this business is the people; our amazing team. So yes, we’ll have a bash and celebrate everyone getting back together. We would like to thank the team: together we

have continued to keep SBC alive throughout this pandemic, and together we are emerging even stronger and determined to make our future a successful one. Here’s to the next 30!

* To find out more about SBC Skincare, and to see and shop the full product collection, visit

Win It

SBC Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Prize Package (36386464)
SBC Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Prize Package (36386464)

To mark SBC’s birthday, we’ve teamed up with the brand to give away three hero products from the celebratory Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Collection:

Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Moisturising Gel, £17.50 for 300ml, which blends marine collagen with precious black pearl and antioxidant-rich hibiscus extract to promote elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s designed for both face and body

Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Body Wash, £12.50 for 300ml, which deploys the same natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish skin. Creating a velvety lather, headily scented with violet, iris and jasmine, it’s formulated to restore moisture

Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Indulgent Body Silk, £23.50 for 300ml, billed as SBC’s “most indulgent formula yet”. Infused with sweet almond oil and vitamin E, along with the collection’s core black pearl, hibiscus extract and marine collagen, this rich cream melts into an indulgent oil, leaving skin velvety smooth with a beautiful sheen

For your chance to win this prize bundle - worth more than £50 in total - email your name, address and daytime number to, titling your message ‘SBC Skincare Competition’. Entries should arrive no later than July 17 and the usual Ts and Cs apply; if you’re happy to be contacted by Iliffe Media and its partners, add ‘Please Contact’.

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