Style Awards: Be the best-dressed man at Newmarket

This year’s July Festival Style Awards is open to all genders. Want to be its best-dressed man? Tailoring brand House of Cavani shares some top tips

House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639310)
House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639310)

Firstly: introduce us to House of Cavani, official Jockey Club partner for the 2022 Style Awards. How and when did the brand come to be and what would you define its core values, in terms of both quality and style?

First established in 2008, House Of Cavani set out on a mission to be a one-stop-shop for every gentleman’s wardrobe in formal and smart casualwear.

Cavani stands for:

Care: we are dedicated to attentively assisting every customer. Our personalised showroom experience and impeccable customer service define us as a leading brand.

Attention: from the intricate detailing in our garments to the hand- chosen fabrics; we are constantly improving our products, whilst leading in our customer service.

Value: we respect that every customer spending their money with us deserves the quality and customer service they pay for.

Appreciation: as a brand, we engage with our customers, designing new incentives and taking care of them – both new and returning.

Notability: we are a trusted brand; delivering on time in both product and service.

Independence: we want to break the formalwear mould with our first-rate pieces and sought-after designs.

As you know, we're building up to the July Festival Style Awards at Newmarket Racecourses. How would you advise gentlemen to compile a look, head to toe, worthy of a podium place in the best-dressed contest?

Wearing House Of Cavani would definitely give you bonus points from us, but in all seriousness race days give you the perfect opportunity to express your style. Summer races men’s fashion is more about comfort and style. Most race days in summer don’t have the strict dress codes so you’ve got a little more leeway. For summer, we recommend lightweight suiting separates, loafers without socks, or breathable suit fabrics, like unstructured linen. Stick to lighter tones too. Pinks, whites, blues, greens and tans are all perfect for summer racing.

How can a gent put personality into his look? The judges aren't only looking for sharp suiting, but also a sense of personal style.

Developing a unique fashion style does take a bit of effort and work, but it can be done if you know what you’re looking for. Invest in high-quality clothing in versatile patterns and colours to help maintain a consistent capsule wardrobe you can easily mix and match. If you’re not sure where to start, look to your favourite fashion icons for inspiration and try to use elements of their style to fit your own personality.

Once you’ve nailed down your attire, it’s time to start thinking about accessories that can really help to pull your entire look together. Don’t overdo it with the accessories, though. Sometimes less is more. Although often overlooked, your jacket lapel is primed for accessorising. Lapel pins, silk scarves, collar bars and tie pins are some in-house favourites when styling.

House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639304)
House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639304)

Are there any style heroes gentlemen can look to for inspiration when putting together their best-dressed looks?

In terms of style heroes, we at House Of Cavani would see this as down to personal preference on how you wish to dress. An in-house favourite would have to be David Beckham. Beckham shops like most men should; filling his wardrobe with staple tailored pieces that hang alongside easy formalwear jackets. Off-duty, he dominates comfort looks and has no trouble balancing the complexities of smart casual wear.

House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639307)
House of Cavani at National Stud CREDIT Migle Markuza (57639307)

Men's tailoring is very much on-trend at the moment - but it's also a timeless addition to the wardrobe, isn't it?

A tailored suit has the power all on its own to imbue a sense of confidence and prominence in any man who wears it. We firmly believe behind every great man is a great tailor. Having a tailored suit in your wardrobe will forever be an addition you can hold on to and cherish.

See and shop the full House of Cavani collection at and follow @houseofcavani for more style inspiration.

The 2022 summer Style Awards take place on Ladies’ Day, July 7, day one of Newmarket’s July Festival. Book your tickets now at


- Photography: Migle Markuza of Markuza Photography

- Suits, shoes, ties and pocket squares: House of Cavani

- Model: Earl Lee

- Location: The National Stud, Newmarket

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