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It’s been open for little over a year, but Rachel Eve’s Advanced Skin Clinic is already famous for its advanced yet non-invasive facials. Velvet’s Alice Ryan pays a visit

Rachel Bridges and her skincare clinic (15106114)
Rachel Bridges and her skincare clinic (15106114)

Talking to Rachel Eve about your skin is a revelatory experience. She invites confidences like a girlfriend (there’s no need to be shy about your imperfections: she’s seen them all before). And what she doesn’t know about skin science is seemingly not worth knowing.

For example: did you know that Vitamin A is the only active actually *proven* to repair cell DNA? You can be using all kinds of ‘anti-ageing’ lotions and potions, says Rachel, but unless Vitamin A is involved, not a lot’s going on. See? Revelatory.

Arriving at Rachel’s Advanced Skin Clinic in Stetchworth - a calm, contemporary and expertly appointed space which adjoins her home - my skin is, frankly, in a bit of a state: dry patches, a breakout of both eczema and spots, and a fresh crop of fine lines under my eyes. If ever I needed a facial, it’s now.

Starting with a 45-minute consultation, like every new client, Rachel charts my skin history and current care regime. She takes a holistic approach: it’s not just about what you put on your skin, she explains, it’s about what you put in your body and your lifestyle, too. While my diet is good - lots of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds: big tick - my stress levels and sleep patterns are shot. These are, advises Rachel, key triggers for skin breakouts and breakdowns.

Rachel Bridges and her skincare clinic (15106118)
Rachel Bridges and her skincare clinic (15106118)

Every signature facial performed at the Advanced Skin Clinic is bespoke, carefully tailored to each client’s skin needs. Key elements can include vitamin and collagen treatments, enzyme and chemical peels, LED phototherapy and micro-needling (FDA approved).

For me, Rachel prescribes an enzyme peel (a gentle yet productive exfoliation, ideal for sensitive skins) and phototherapy (which she says will help clear both my spots and eczema), along with targeted treatments from her carefully-curated skincare lines: Environ, Image, and AlumierMD. Each brand has been chosen because she believes it to be best-in-class; a member of the International Institute of Anti-Ageing and 2015’s Skin Analyst of the Year, Rachel worked with both leading cosmetic brands and spas before opening her own clinic, accruing both enviable experience and expertise.

While you can feel the various treatments working, the facial is relaxing, too, and the results are immediately noticeable, my face looking fresher and far less irritated. For best results, Rachel says homecare is crucial, advising me that a couple of hero products - Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules (little hits of Vitamin A to be applied as part of my nighttime routine, to support skin from the outside in) and Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas+ (softgel capsules, to be taken daily with food, to support skin from the inside out) - will make a real difference.

The visible benefits of the facial last for several days, and, after a month of applying Vitamin A and taking the skin omegas, my skin is spot and eczema-free and feeling generally less tight and tetchy. The first thing I noticed, weirdly, is that the skin on the back of my (increasingly bony) hands was looking smoother and plumper; there are, says Rachel, full-body benefits to the omegas.

In short: if you’re looking for a facial that’s non-invasive yet means business, the Advanced Skin Clinic is the place to go.

The Advanced Skin Clinic in Stetchworth, near Newmarket, is an exclusive, appointment-only clinic offering advanced facial treatments for all skin types using the most advanced technologies and treatments for effective, long-lasting and sustainable results by improving skin on a cellular level. See for more.


To celebrate the first birthday of her Advanced Skin Clinic, Rachel is giving Velvet readers the chance to win a voucher for a bespoke facial - worth £100!

For your chance to win, simply email your name, address and contact number to, titling your message ‘Rachel Eve Competition’. Entries should arrive no later than August 23 and the usual Ts and Cs apply; if you’re happy to be contacted by Iliffe Media and its partners, add ‘Please Contact’.

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