Launch: The Cambridge silk brand born in lockdown

Silk Jasmine is fast becoming known for its luxe accessories, as Velvet's Alice Ryan discovers

Silk Jasmine Eye Mask (42430314)
Silk Jasmine Eye Mask (42430314)

Dusting off her sewing machine to make scrubs during lockdown, Cambridge’s Nicola Harman rediscovered a love of making and decided to launch Silk Jasmine, selling hand-finished silk accessories, as a result. Using sustainably sourced, finest quality material in soft shades of silver, gold and rose gold, she makes luxe scrunchies, eye masks and 100% mulberry silk pillowcases.

If, like me, you suffer with insomnia, an eye mask can really help. But, favouring velvet versions till now, I’m convinced they scrunch up your skin - so I decided to try silk, said to be gentler on the delicate eye area. While it’s super-light and super-soft to wear, my Silk Jasmine mask blocks out light brilliantly: highly recommended.

Prices start at £14.99 for a scrunchie and eye masks are £28.99. See and shop the full range at

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