July Festival Style Awards: Here are today's Best Dressed Couple at Newmarket

This year’s July Festival Style Awards have come to a close - with the crowning of Best Dressed Couple, Kelly and Justin Miller, who beat almost 400 entrants to take top spot.

Both wearing navy and white with hot orange accents, the Millers, a solicitor and farmer from Dorset, said they were surprised and delighted to win.

“We were very happy to come in the top three, so to actually win is amazing,” said Kelly, whose parents live in Cheveley.

Couples Day (13762133)
Couples Day (13762133)

Kelly and Justin Miller land the top prize in today's Style Awards Nest Dressed Couple contest

A keen amateur milliner, she created her halo hat, finished with leather flowers and hand-cut feathers, to pull together her Self Portrait dress and Diane Von Furstenberg bag.

Kelly has made both top 10 and top three in the Autumn Ladies’ Day competition in the past, but this was her first Style Awards win.

Couples Day (13762131)
Couples Day (13762131)

The five couples who made the final today at Newmarket

“I think a husband was what I was missing,” she laughed.

“I wasn’t even supposed to be here; I was supposed to be harvesting. Then on Monday dad said we’d wait till next week, so here I am,” adds Justin, who matched his wife with navy suit and orange tie.

“It’s been a great day.”

Couples Day (13762129)
Couples Day (13762129)

Second place went to Newmarket’s Victoria and Lewis Blackbird, while the third spot was taken by Wakefield couple Cheryl Evans and Steven Hanson.

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