Fashion: How to combine sustainability with style

Fast fashion is costing the earth. So if you want to live a greener life, the wardrobe is a powerful place to start. Shooting in Bury St Edmunds’ Abbey Gardens, contributing fashion editor Rohiny Belani showcases clothes which combine sustainability with style

With the current pandemic seemingly fuelling a new eco-consciousness, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable options. With less than a third of consumers willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, the perception that sustainable fashion is expensive can put people off - but the price tag doesn’t have to be prohibitive, as brands like AMUR, which we’re spotlighting in this month’s photoshoot, are determined to prove.

The American-based label was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment; that design

can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions. It’s an approach that is woven into the brand’s very name – A Mindful Use of Resources.

AMUR incorporates certified organic cotton and silk, along with staple fibres like hemp and linen, which require very little water or fertilizer to grow. AMUR also includes forest-friendly cellulosic materials like cupro, a soft and silky fabric made from reclaimed cotton linter.

Sustainability is a human issue, too, and AMUR is committed to supporting the work of artisans and empowering their communities. Says the team: “AMUR believes that fashion is a powerful platform for positive global change - that the way we dress influences the way we live, now and in the future. Sustainability is a process, and we’re learning by doing.”

Clothes which combine brains with beauty? What’s not to love?

Trousers: AMUR -

Top: Vesper - @vesper247

Earrings: Loveness Lee -

Heels: ASOS

Clothing: AMUR - @amurofficial

Earrings: Mango - @mango

Heels: Aquazurra at Hurr - @hurr

Belt: ASOS

Sweater: AMUR - @amurofficial

Earrings: Zara - @zara

Trousers: Topshop - @topshop

Meet the Team

Model: Rohiny Belani - @asweetrohmance

Location: Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds

Photography and retouching: Annsy -;

Makeup and hair: Mihaela - @mia_mihaela_makeup

Wardrobe stylist: Lizzie Rose - @lizzieroselondon

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