Fashion: Behind the scenes of Boudoir Femme at 15

As her Cambridge boutique turns 15, owner Pippa Sandison tells the story behind the brand and spotlights her top investment pieces for AW21

The journey

The idea behind Boudoir Femme was inspired by a 1940s movie where the star was seated at a dressing table being attended to by sales assistants helping her curate a new wardrobe. Combining my knowledge of British and European fashion brands and bringing them to Cambridge together with niche fragrance, accessories and vintage jewellery under one roof proved a winning combination for a boutique.

The ups and downs

The highs have been all of the amazing events we have organised or taken part in over the years including fashion shows and store events. Having worked as a marketing product manager I’ve always loved the amazing buzz from presenting my business or product to customers. There

have also been numerous times when running a retail business has been tough but I’ve learnt to always come back to my belief in the business even when feeling the lows.

The trends

Boudoir Femme Harper Cocoa Cashmere (49744204)
Boudoir Femme Harper Cocoa Cashmere (49744204)

Autumn/winter fashion trends are a lot more vibrant than past seasons as an antidote to all the cocooning at home over the past year. Look forward to winter brights and floral prints and greenery for autumn – typically signs of spring but taken to another level this season.

Blazers and matching trousers are a key look, and this oversized blazer from Bellerose with slick wide-leg trousers ticks all the boxes. Understated luxury never goes out of style and is enhanced with sumptuous knits and cashmere. We’re covering the colour trends with British brand Cocoa cashmere in gorgeous camels and cobalt blue, perfect to team more basic seasonal staples such as the must-have puffer coat more recently elevated to high-fashion status. Our new brands this season include Leon + Harper, Cocoa Cashmere, Joie and footwear from Anonymous Copenhagen.

Winter wishlist items?

Boudoir Femme Pippa is coveting this Bellerose Appleby leopard skirt (49744206)
Boudoir Femme Pippa is coveting this Bellerose Appleby leopard skirt (49744206)

A blurred leopard print skirt from Bellerose and a gorgeous chunky roll neck cashmere by Cocoa cashmere. Can’t wait to wear them!

Boudoir Femme is at King Street, Cambridge. See and @boudoirfemme

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