Fashion: A Toast to Artists

This month Kettle’s Yard will show artworks made from old garments, materials and products from lifestyle brand TOAST marking a new initiative celebrating pre-loved clothes.

As action to mitigate climate change becomes increasingly urgent, fast fashion and constant consumption behaviours appear jaded. A new display at Kettle’s Yard brings opportunity to reflect on more mindful consumption. Combining the lifestyle brand TOAST – celebrated for its contemporary design and commitment to traditional textiles and craftsmanship – and selected textile artists in a display called RE-USE, the project requires the artists to re-work worn garments and fabrics, turning them into something unique and unexpected. The display aims to promote the idea that clothes can have a life beyond their first wearer encouraging creatively supporting a lower carbon lifestyle.

Participating artists include Abigail Booth (Forest & Found), Alice Fox, Richard McVetis, Hannah Robson and Sophie Rowley who will all make artworks from a mixture of TOAST recycled woollen yarns, block printed cottons, hand woven ikats and checks (all natural fibres); some are using natural dyeing, gathered materials and basketry techniques.

The display at Kettle’s Yard marks a new initiative by the brand (TOAST has a rather lovely shop on Trinity Street in Cambridge) to encourage a more mindful and sustainable approach to buying and wearing clothes. TOAST Circle offers customers an opportunity to swap items of pre-worn clothing at an in-store event where the clothes are displayed and swing tagged to tell the story of the item. It’s a timely idea and has trialled in three shops this year – there are plans to extend TOAST Circle events to all stores in 2020.

VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast model shot (19277145)
VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast model shot (19277145)
VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast Circle tag (19276289)
VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast Circle tag (19276289)
VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast Circle tag three (19276195)
VELVET NOVEMBER ART TOast Circle tag three (19276195)

“It’s important to us that we’re highlighting how TOAST clothes can be worn for longer or have a life beyond their first wearer in both tangible and imaginative ways,” says Suzie de Rohan Willner, CEO of TOAST. “The TOAST Re-New will see five artists rework worn TOAST garments into beautiful unique pieces of art. We are huge admirers of the work and creativity at Kettle’s Yard and, with values in common and a loyal following in Cambridge, the gallery feels like a thoughtful representation of what we stand for at TOAST.”

RE-USE will be on show at Kettle’s Yard until 3 November. See more at

RE-NEW Artist Workshops

There are also artist workshops at Kettle’s Yard planned to coincide with the RE-NEW display.

Quilt making with Abigail Booth

Saturday 2 November, 11.30am – 4.30pm, £65

Artist and quilter Abigail Booth teaches how to create an abstract quilt design using TOAST waste fabrics or participant’s once-loved items of clothing. During the workshop Abigail will share her own practices and participants can then experiment with colour, layout and design to piece together their own quilt design. All materials are provided – but please do bring your favourite fabrics to include in your work.

Hand embroidery with Richard McVetis

Sunday 3 November, 11.30am – 5pm, £75

British artist-maker Richard McVetis minimalist work is an endless exploration, not just of form but of the potential of process and repetition within stitch. In this workshop participants will work freely with a combination of traditional hand embroidery techniques, drawing and mark making used in the creation of the works on display in RE-NEW to create their own textures and patterns. All materials are provided.

See full details and booking at

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