Event: Why it's time to Rethink Fashion

Want to master the art of sustainable style? Don't miss this 'fashion happening', coming to Cambridge on September 3

Spotlighting the clothing industry’s contribution to the climate crisis while simultaneously celebrating personal style, Rethink Fashion promises a one-of-a-kind catwalk show when it comes to Cambridge’s Museum of Technology on September 3.

Drawing on the ‘peace and love’ message of the hippy Sixties, the DIY ethos of Seventies punk and the secondhand chic of Nineties grunge, “the aim is to inspire enthusiasm and creativity in the way that people shop and dress, expressing individuality,” say organisers at city charity Oblique Arts.

“Questioning cheap copies of major fashion houses’ designs as ‘status symbols’ and instead favouring clothes that represent money well spent in relation to the environment,” they continue, “our idea is to reject the massive global ‘fast fashion’ industry with a gentle reminder that the pollution is making our rivers and oceans toxic: textile dyes are found in our waterways, polyester bobbles are found deep in the seas. . .”

With sponsors including Oxfam and Arts Council, the “rags to riches fashion happening” starts at 6.30pm with the show beginning at 7pm, to be followed by an after party at Othersyde Bar.

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