Beauty: Products to make a hairstyle statement

Voluminous, Pre-Raphaelite, uber sleek or wild – statement hairstyles are loud and proud. Lisa Millard pops open the products

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil, £30,

Boasting a concentrated blend of five power oils, this multi-use (pre-shampoo treatment, leave in after washing, overnight treatment, apply to dried hair) delivers nutrient-powered hydration and shine. What’s not to love about a multi-tasking product? Could be your new BBF.

Maria Nila Head and Hair Heal Shampoo, £27 (350ml), and Conditioner, £27 (300ml),

This Swedish brand is sustainable, vegan and just lovely and the Hair Heal duo is designed to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and treat the scalp. There is a wide range of products to choose from and each and every one comes in climate compensating packaging – #ICHOOSEFRIENDLY.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, £19,

Who doesn’t love a refresh without washing? A clever product which cleans hair by absorbing dirt and oil without leaving any sticky residue or tell-tale powdery signs. This parabens, silicones, phthalates and cruelty-free formula is suitable for all hair colours and types, and is infused with a time-released fragrance to keep locks feeling fresh all days.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil, £54,

A repair mask for even the most damaged hair types that works its wonders from the root to the tips. In just a few minutes hair feels soft and sumptuous having had a right hydrating treat. Reviews are glowing describing this tub as a “magical product”. And a little goes a very long way.

Innersense I Create Waves, £23,

This impressive wave maker contains pink Himalayan sea salt mixed with aloe vera to create texture and waves but without looking parched or too crispy. True to its name, the spray is beautifully fragranced with a blend of lavender and angelica to help restore peace and calm. Spritz on hair, take a deep breath and become attuned to your crown chakra.

Shiro White Lily Hair Mist, £40,

The Japanese brand also turns its hand to skincare and make-up and is committed to nature’s gifts. It’s win-win – the mist smells divine and spraying the gagome kombu (kelp) extract and yuzu ceramide (fruit)-rich nectar on hair adds moisture. Instructions say to use pre-hair products, but I sprayed on dry hair (post products) and all went remarkably well.

IGK Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask, £30, SpaceNK, Trinity Street, Cambridge and

Here is a little something that gets to work while you are sleeping sweetly. The dry leave-in mask applies proteins to restore structure while amino acids help to condition cuticles to encourage a glossier finish. Spray the mask onto dry hair and brush well before retiring to bed. In the morning simply comb the hair and style as usual – no need to wash or rinse

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