Beauty: Game-changing new releases

This month's new releases: an eye shadow which truly doesn't shift and a razor which lubricates skin as you shave

Smooth Operator

Cambridge Consultants' razor-roller (38364424)
Cambridge Consultants' razor-roller (38364424)

This is a game-changer: Cambridge Consultants has created a razor which lubricates your skin as you shave. Thanks to a hidden 10ml handle reservoir and head-mounted roller, which sits just above the blades, it feeds the razor with moisturising shaving oil via microfluidic science.

The razor/roller wasn’t developed for a specific client, so is available to interested parties. As anyone who regularly shaves their legs in the shower will know, wrestling with foam while strategically turning the water on and off, it’s a bonafide beauty breakthrough.

So why hasn’t it been done before? “The fluid problems for this look simple but are hard to get right,” says Ruth Thomson, SVP global consumer business, who worked on the project with Andrew Stratton, principal engineer. “For instance, you don’t want it to leak at certain temperatures, or get all gunked up.”

“You need to have confidence in the underlying physics,” adds Andrew, a physicist by training. “That means microfluidic behaviour – and that’s the expertise we have.”

Sweetest Thing

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eye Shadow Collection 2020 (38364218)
Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eye Shadow Collection 2020 (38364218)

If you struggle to keep eyeshadow in place - if you find it flakes, fades, wanders off - the latest release from Too Faced is your new beauty best friend. Described as “liquid lipstick for your eyes”, it comes with primer built in, which means there’s no need to apply that fixative under layer.

The formula is also water and crease-proof, which means it stays put; it’s whipped to give an airbrushed finish, which means it sets super-smoothly; and, thanks to an unrivalled pigment load and secret time-releasing “chrono-technology”, it really lasts.

Don’t think all that means it’s going to make your lids feel tight or dry, though: Melted Chocolate also contains vitamin E and cocoa butter, to condition and nourish skin while you wear.

Coming, as the name suggests, in eight cocoa-inspired shades, there’s a colour to suit all seasons and skin tones. For summer, try slightly blushed Tirami-sue Me, while true nude Chocolate Malt is a year-round winner. Oh: they *smell* chocolatey, too.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eye Shadows, £19 each, John Lewis & Partners, Grand Arcade, Cambridge and

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