Advertisement Feature: Glow Up at Salon At Number 5's new Skin Clinic

Offering some of the industry’s most sought-after treatments, Salon At Number 5’s new Skin Clinic in Harston is on a mission to help clients love the skin they’re in. Alice Ryan visits and trials the cult ‘Game of Thrones facial’, properly known as DMK Enzyme Therapy. Spoiler: it’s amazing

Dubbed the ‘Game of Thrones facial’ because its hero mask hardens into scales reminiscent of dragon skin, DMK Enzyme Therapy has achieved cult status on Instagram. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s some kind of gimmick: this treatment means business.

Created by American skincare pioneer Danne Montague-King - whose founding principle is that products must synch with the body’s own chemistry to be truly effective - Enzyme Therapy, as the name suggests, deploys enzymes to stimulate natural skin activity, promising to boost everything from oxygen levels and lymphatic drainage to cell renewal and collagen production.

Salon At Number 5’s new Skin Clinic in Harston is, explains lead skin specialist Laura Stockley, the only clinic in our area to offer DMK treatments. Also an aesthetics practitioner, Laura is trained in everything from Environ vitamin facials and peels (the cosmaceutical brand is famed for ‘bridging the gap between beauty and science’) and Dermalux LED light therapy (targeting everything from fine lines to pigmentation to acne) through to SkinPen microneedling (which uses tiny needle-pricks to stimulate collagen production) and Filorga Mesotherapy (a superfine injectable which, containing hyaluronic acid, aims to hydrate, nourish, firm and smooth skin).

The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608889)
The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608889)
The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608896)
The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608896)

Having battled acne herself - she’s upfront about her own skin issues, sharing update photos on the salon’s social media - Laura is passionate about “helping people get the very best out of their skin”. “I know what a difference it can make,” she explains, “not only to the way you look, but to the way you feel.”

Laura’s been in the beauty industry for a decade, working in Clarins spas in both the UK and Australia, where she also worked for Chanel, before having what she describes as a skincare lightbulb moment, courtesy of Salon At Number 5’s founder, her friend Lucy Argent. Knowing Laura was struggling with her acne, Lucy sent her an Environ skincare set - and the products, loved for their high vitamin A levels, proved game-changing.

On returning to the UK, Laura joined Salon At Number 5, which has sister beauty salons in Cambridge and Newmarket. With numerous awards to their name, the beauty salons are known as leaders in the lash market (Lucy even has her own lash brand, The Cambridge Lash Company, which trains and supplies other professionals).

The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608902)
The Skin Clinic, Harston . Picture: Keith Heppell. (19608902)

The Skin Clinic is the latest string to be added to Salon At Number 5’s bow, in response, says Laura, to increasing demand for high-performance facial treatments. With its tranquil village setting, and housed in the prettiest period building, the clinic has a cosy and exclusive feel; Laura only sees a single client at a time, so everyone gets star treatment.

After a mandatory 30-minute consultation, covering my skin history, current concerns and care regime, it’s on to the DMK Enzyme Therapy which, though active, is suitable for all skin types.

I can honestly say I’ve never had a facial like it. The main event - after painstaking exfoliation and pore-opening hot towel treatment - is a mask which, painted on in a thick, initially cool layer, sets like rock over the course of 45 minutes. As it hardens, you can actually feel your skin tighten and your blood vessels pulse. It’s not uncomfortable, more curious. And Laura does a complimentary hand, arm, foot and leg massage while it’s working, sufficiently soothing I nod off.

Painted on the face, neck and decolletage, the mask is so stimulating it leaves blood vessels in some areas flushed; proof, reassures Laura, that it’s working. After cleansing and moisturising, my skin looks visibly plumper and perkier in the mirror - and brighter, too. I’ve *almost* got a glow. For the next few days, my skin feels a lot happier; there’s none of that tightness I usually get as the seasons change.

Laura is both careful and caring in her approach: she won’t recommend either clinic treatments or product regimes unless she’s confident they’re right for you and your skin, hence the mandatory consultation (which is free). Beginning to end, the experience is impressive; proof that Salon At Number 5 continues to raise the beauty bar.

The Skin Clinic is at The Old Coach House, 56 High Street, Harston, Cambridge CB22 7PZ. Open by appointment only. Call (01223) 662064 or visit

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