The Secret Garden Party 2015

Every year The Secret Garden Party makes it way to Cambridgeshire for a long weekend full of music and events. Admittedly not much of a secret anymore, this year the festival takes on the theme of ‘Childish Things’ encouraging its participants to remember back to their childhood days and enjoy the weekend without any worries of stressful adult life.

Taking place from the 23rd-26th July, unlike other festivals, the entertainment is not only provided in the evening at SGP, instead there is plenty to enjoy during the day time of the festival. Events including a paint fight, daily dance offs, water sports on the lake and multiple parades all take place throughout the day.

Also, following the success of last year the Garden Party has promised to bring back the games arena. However this year, there is going to be a sports day, in keeping with the theme and encouraging everyone to release their inner child.

Then, come the evening the festival offers various music stages and DJ tents with the music continuing right up until 6am. The pinnacle of the Saturday night even includes a lavish firework display, sure to connect all the party goers.

With guests from previous years including Prince Harry and various MIC stars, the festival opens its door to anyone and prides itself on a family friendly day time atmosphere.

Unfortunately this year, all tickets have sold out, so if you managed to grab one, well done, as they were in high demand. The festival promises to be a fun packed, chaotic weekend and we feel privileged that it is right on our doorstep!

Article by Ellie Tudor